August 7, 2017

Offended to death?

Has someone said something, and/or done something, you don't like?

Have they crossed a line with you?

Did they go too far with their freedom, and forget who they answer to these days?

Who do people in your life answer to these days?

Did you write a law that is to be honored?

If the law is broken, then do you seek revenge?

Has someone left you in charge of the behavior of others?

What law did the Lord leave us with as he made things much simpler for us?

Have you read Matthew 22:37-39 lately?

Do you live a simple life?

One where the yoke is easy, and the burden is light? (Matthew 11:30)

Or is it "complicated" and one in which the moments of your days are filled with thoughts of someone who has done you wrong, and if they were on the edge of a cliff, and no one was looking, then would you push?

Are the offenses of others greater than yours, and what they did was too much, and the offense too great, and your mind is a muddle of evil thoughts, and love for them is no where to be found in you?

Have you been offended to death?

Do you want someone gone, as in for good?

And do you know what that law was that the Lord left us with, and do you know that it is a command, which means that if you are not doing it, then you are breaking his law?

Where do YOU stand with the Lord?

Does he know YOU?

Did you know that God doesn't know everyone?

Did you know that not everyone, who calls his name, is known by him?

Have you read Matthew 7:21-23?

And Galatians 4:9?

And did you know that God has a certain mindset toward those who get offended, and hate others?

Have you read Romans 1:18?

Would you classify hate as unrighteousness, or wickedness, or what?

Have you a love for all?

Do you know that you cannot hold a grudge, and love at the same time?

Did you write the law, and do you do all you can to hold an offender to it?

If so, then do you know that you think that you are on level with God, who is the rule writer?

Are you aware that when he makes someone new, then he writes a new law on a heart?

Can you explain Ezekiel 36:26?

Has a new heart been given to you, or do you work to be good?

Must you try to stop holding a grudge?

Do you know what happens when the new law is written on a heart, and a new spirit replaces the old spirit in a soul who repents?

Are you aware that a new person can one thing at that point, and for all points forward forever?

Do you know what it is that they exclusively do, and are known for doing, and for what they do, then they will be persecuted because of it, and yet they keep doing it, and speaking of it till they die?

Do you know what compelled means?

Have you read II Corinthians 5:14?

Is that happening in you?

Can you do NOTHING but love?

If not, then do you know that you have not repented?

Will you do that now?

Are you aware that if you will, then it means you let go of offenses, and hate, forever?

Do you want to do that, or do you love the hate more?

You are aware that you get to choose, right? (Joshua 24:15)

If you fail to choose the narrow road, then are you ready to face the rule maker, and give an account for your choice, and say that you were vindictive too, and that you loved your sin more than the Lord (John 3:19), and do you know what the Lord's prayer tells us to pray concerning forgiveness?

Do you understand that Matthew 6:12 is not a prayer for forgiveness, but a directive to God?

And are you also familiar with Matthew 6:15?

Do you want that to happen to you?

In your opinion, will the Lord keep his word?

If so, then do you still want to be offended, and hope to death that someone would just die already?

Or are you compelled to love?

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