August 3, 2017

It will be someone who you know

You will be betrayed.

You will be reviled.

You will have lies told about you.

It will be someone who you know who will do all of that, and maybe more, to you.

They will have kissed you.

They will have given you gifts.

They will have maybe even promised to stick closer than anyone else to you.

That person, who you may be thinking of right now, will betray you.


Jesus said that those who follow him will share in his sufferings.

He suffered all that and more.

What have you suffered?

Anyone close to you been mean lately? Hateful even? Spiteful even?

Well now, what are you to do?

Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven...Matthew 5:12.

If that person should ask of you, then, by all means, do for them, all the while speaking truth.

All the while, be gentle, and kind, and of course, hold no grudge.

Would you die for that soul who has persecuted you?

Of course, for you live for heaven now, and this world holds no goodies for you at all— ever!

NOTHING compares to being used by God, to love others, for the one who is transformed by God.

That soul knows that the reward is in heaven.

That soul is homesick now, and is known by GOD! (Galatians 4:9)

Oh to be known by God!

Yes, he so loved the whole world.

Yes, he shows no favoritism.

However, his wrath is on the un-believing heart (the wicked).

See Psalm 7:11, and Romans 1:18.

Understand that the wicked, and the unbeliever, and the one who sins, are one and the same.

All of them suppress the truth, or in other words, they don't speak it.

They shun it.

They try to avoid it at all times even while going to church all the time where they most likely don't hear it, cause the Lord Jesus said that MANY will be the false teachers/preachers in the last days.

We are in the last days.

Who are the MANY false ones that you know?

How will you know them?

They make you feel good. "I'm okay, you're okay" type preachers. All is well, and go for more types.

They will not be persecuted. "Supposed" preachers, who are not being persecuted, suppress truth.


They are NOT speaking it.

We speak of that which we love.

If you love the gospel, you will not only be kind, and hold no grudge, but you will SPEAK the truth.

That is how faith is known— by hearing it - Romans 10:17!

Will everyone LOVE you for that message?

NO! Many walk the wide road. MANY hate it, and will hate you for speaking it.


They hate God.

Can't love both, Jesus said.

But you'll not be able to NOT speak of Truth if you know him, for the love of God compels you.

Who will revile you?

It will be someone who you know who will hate you for the truth you speak, and perhaps you will lose an inheritance, a relationship with a child, a parent, or an in-law - Matthew 10:35-38.

Also, please take special note right here if you are a married woman:
You, dear woman of God, will not be preaching to your husband. There are clear instructions for the marriage relationship that are different that any other relationship. So, you will not be running him off, and he will not be asking you to leave, because of the message you are preaching to him, because you won't be preaching to him. See I Peter 3:1, and understand that if you are preaching to your husband, then it will sound like nagging, and you will not be walking according to the Word, and the husband, who must endure a wife telling him how to live, and breathe, and walk, and interact with people, and worship God, and do EVERYTHING, would rather not be near you. Check yourself.

To NOT speak the gospel, the Truth that sets mankind free, is to gain the whole world (inheritance included) and lose your soul, so you must choose, and in fact, you choose every waking moment.

Choose wisely.

Repent, and be born new, or perish in sin.

Matthew 4:17.

The SOMEONE you know, or who knows you, keeps your foot from slipping - Psalm 121:3.

Is he keeping your foot from slipping?

If not, then he does not know you.

He keeps his child on the narrow road, not of works, lest you boast.

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