August 9, 2017

Feel it, or know it?

As much as I may want to think that we feel God's love, I read otherwise in his Word.

Scripture speaks of knowing, not feeling.

We err to use the word "feel" when speaking of knowing God.

If you hear that word from the pulpit, or read it in a devotional book, or a Bible study, then be aware that emotions are being played, and the gospel message is not being proclaimed.

Many are the false teachers/preachers in this world today.

They want you to feel good, because people who feel good can easily be talked out of their money.

They like to be liked.

They enjoy the kudos, and accolades, and praise.

They cannot easily be told to repent of their hate.

They hate that message. It doesn't feel good. The appeal is lost when we speak of hate, and murder.

A murderer can feel just fine.

A murderer can enjoy a nice meal, and laugh, and tend a baby.

A murderer can feel as though the hate she has is justified, and in fact, she won't call her hate— hate.

And a woman can feel fat though skinny, cold though feverish, sad though all is well with the family, money is in the bank, the fridge is full, and the skies are sunny, and the breeze is soft, and cool.

She can also feel okay though unkind to a child, a husband, and a neighbor.

She can feel unloved though God gave his best for her.

Feelings need salvation.

Who, or what, is saved when one is born new?

Jesus said, "You must be born again."

Who is the "you" to whom he refers?

Is it a person's body?

No. The redeemed get new ones in heaven, and if we got new bodies here on earth, then the physical body would not be in decay, and would not physically perish, but they do, so new ones are given.

Is the "you" to whom Jesus refers the emotions?

Well, yes, in part.

But what makes up YOU?

If you had no arms, then would you still be you?

Of course.

If you had, or showed, no emotion, then would you still be you?

Of course.

What makes up YOU?

What needs to be made new?

What part of you decides to sin?

Your body follows your mind.

Your emotions follow your mind.

Your mind is you, and it is what is born new, and made perfect.

If we are given perfect souls eventually, like not here on earth, then you must answer as to why the ones we read about in Matthew 7:21-23, who thought that they were saved, and thought that they knew Jesus, and in fact, they prayed, did great "things" for him, and even cast out demons, but they were NOT made perfect (new) as they faced Jesus, and were one step from heaven it seems.

Why did he not make them new at that point?

What did they still do on earth?

What does Jesus call them? And why did he not just say, "Presto, you are now made new?" to them, but he does not do that? Why? What is wrong with them? Who are those people? Do you know? If not, why not? They NEED the salvation of the Lord! They think that they are saved. They aren't.

Your mind (will), heart, and soul, are synonymous.

When born new, then all things become new that make up who you are as a person.

The emotions, once dead, and "feeling" incorrectly, are made new.

The body, once dead towards movement to love, now moves to love as directed by the new mind.

God gives a new mind to the repentant soul.

That soul then "feels" different for they are different, and NOT of their doing.

I can get a "makeover" of my face, and hair, and still be the same old me.

I can lose weight, and look physically fit, and still be the same old me.

I cannot be born new of my soul, and be the same old me.

That part of "me" is crucified, not of my doing, or of any works, which I must maintain, as in going to church, reading my Bible, and praying, and singing, and making disciples, and friends.

But I will sing, and pray, and read the Word, and that will not cease, for Christ has taken over what was given in repentance, and that is my will, which said, "You're right, and I'm wrong."

In your sin, repent of it, or agree with God that your dislike of anyone, is hate, and hate is murder.

Jesus said so.

He makes a soul new.

And then that soul "feels" like never before because they are new. The old is GONE.

East does not meet west.

The old is that far gone.

The old is the old nature. The moodiness. The bitterness. The sin. The hate. gone...gone...gone.

No more does that soul "try" to be good.

That is called works.

People, who think that they are saved, and yet still work, or try, to be good, are not new.

A lost person tries not to lie, or steal, or gossip, or hate, or you name it.

They "feel" more than they know.

In more ways than they know.

They use the word "feel" more than they use the word "know" and that is how you will know.

Do you live in your feelings?

Or do you live in Truth?

If you live in Truth, then you speak it, and you will die for it, and you do die daily for others.

And absolutely you will "feel" as never before for you will be new.

You will understand peace that passes understanding, and joy that cannot be properly expressed.

You will no longer know hate, bitterness, jealousy, envy, and you will seek no vengeance.

There is not ONE person who will not have one more chance to hear the gospel if you can help it.

You will gladly give your already sacrificed body for them, if possible, that they might repent before they perish in their sin, and face eternal hell.

That is another thing.

You will really believe in an eternal hell, of which Jesus speaks, and you will be hated for it.

Hell seems so mean to the one who has yet to repent, and who has yet to have the mind of Christ.

Feel it, or know it.

Wonder if you are loved, or know it.

Think that you are okay, or know that you have been crucified with Christ.

The proof of being born new?

The proof of hating, or loving every last soul on earth?

The proof of feeling like you know God, and really knowing that you know God?

I John 2:3.

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