July 30, 2017

Proof of love

We love proof of someone's love, don't we?

He says that he loves me, so why don't I know it? we think, perhaps.

If he loved me, then he would do this or that, or the other thing, we think, perhaps.

Do you know that there is a verse that tells us exactly when we will know that we love God?

You can say that you love God, just like your husband, or friend, or family member, can tell you that they love you, and then you doubt it, but have you ever wondered if God doubts your love for him?

I John 2:3.

Easy to remember that verse.

Look at it.

Remember it.

It goes like this: "We know that we have come to love him, if we keep his commands."

Now, you can have people tell you, "Don't you worry about it. Don't think twice. You love God!"

And you will rarely hear this: "Have you come to love God?"

Sounds like it's a process, and not a "say this prayer, and you're good to go," type scenario, right?


Look at your actions. Check your heart. See if you can determine if you have love one for another.

Towards all.

That does not mean that you sweet talk everyone, and never get angry, and never have temptations.

Of course you will be tempted to spit in someone's face, and hold a grudge, and lose your temper.

Tempted, and tried we all will be, but the transformed heart, the born new soul, the repentant?

What is different about that person?

They know of all the temptations, and yet obey.

They have been made brand new, and are not the same as they were prior— in their heart (soul).

They have come to love God.

In repenting of hate, they have been made new, given a heart of love, and have been crucified with Christ, and they don't just perform easy lip-service, oh no, they love, they really do.

How often do they love?

To not love is to not obey.

To not submit to a husband is to not obey.

To not honor a parent is to not obey.

To not live with outstretched arms ready, and eager to give, is to not obey.

But to those who have come to love God, they obey him.


I John 2:3 tells us this is so.

John didn't end that verse with "sometimes," or "when you can," or "most always."

He ended that sentence with a period.

He means that one who has come to love God, always obeys.

What else would a made new heart, that is now completely different because the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in it, do?

Try to be good?

Do you believe that you can be good of your own effort— at all?

Do you have any light in you before being made new?

If not, then how can darkness "help" the light?

Either you can boast, cause you "helped" God with that obedience thing, or it is all him.

See, that is the crux of salvation— believing the Word— all of it— and then doing it.

Repenting while still in sin. First. Finding oneself changed. Second. Loving and obedient. Third.

I John 2:3.

There is proof of love for God.

Do you really love him?

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