July 21, 2017

I believe I can fly

You've heard that song, right?

Silly one that it is, but it points out a very important lesson.

We can go ahead and believe we can fly, and get on top of a big building, and jump.

If we have nothing but our two arms to make us fly, we will die.

A good friend will follow you all the way to the edge of that building, and try to talk you out of jumping, and will, if they are a really good friend, say, "Let me prove this for you," and jump in your place, so that you can have one more moment to come to your senses, and repent of your beliefs.

For whom will you take the fall?

Do you take the fall for anyone now?

If not, then you won't ever, until you are ready to truly die.

If heaven is not running in your veins now, then you are not going to be taking the risks of speaking the gospel message, for those who do will have few friends (as did Jesus), and they will be betrayed (as was Jesus), and they will be reviled (as was Jesus), but all the while they will be true followers of Jesus, for those who are have already been crucified.

They do not live according to how they feel, but according to EVERY word that is in the Word.

They do not pick and choose, and just really like some verses, and ignore the ones about hell, and loving God with all the heart, and how it is a fact that if you continue in sin, then there is no sacrifice for you, and that is found in Hebrews 10:26, and that God does not hear the prayers of those who sin, and if you think that you overcome evil with "positive" thoughts, and you tell others to stop talking "negative" then you know not the Word. Tell me where we are told about positive, and negative?

Those who know the Word, speak it, and those who know the Word, love it, and they do not use the common vernacular of the world in speaking of it. The world and the Word do not mix. Not at all.

People do not "just stop it" when it comes to sin.

People, while in sin, repent of it, and are made new.

The great lie is that you are the same as you were prior to believing in Jesus, and while scores will say that they are not the same, they are if they still sin.

What's so new about a person still sinning after Jesus, as they did before Jesus?

Do not be deceived.

If you live the gospel, you will be hated.

But who cares about the world?

Only those who love it.

You cannot love both, for Jesus says that you will love one, and hate the other.

When you hate the world, then you do not pursue what the world offers, and the world will hate you for it, and by "the world" I also am including the "church" people who think that they are saved but are not, and Jesus defines them in Matthew 7:21-23. Can you find what he calls them?

Are you ready to die?

Those who have already been crucified with Christ are, and they long for heaven, but they will not be jumping off a tall building to prove it, unless it is to lay down their flesh for another.

They get a new body in heaven anyway!

Not a new soul! Nope. Jesus makes that clear in Matthew 7:21-23 as well, for these deceived people are not made new at heaven's gate, even though they think that they ought to be made new, because they are the ones who still sin, and they say that they will get a new soul in heaven. Nope.

If so, then why did Jesus not give them one in that passage in Matthew? 

I will fly one day.

And it will be soon.

Life is short.

Are you ready for the day you die?

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17).

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