July 26, 2017

I am going to your house today

Imagine meeting someone, and then saying to them, "I am going to your house today."

Our granddaughter frequently, and sweetly says to us on FaceTime, "You can come to my house."

It's a given with her. She says it so sincerely as only a three-year-old can do. She means it!

Her house is open to me and her papa— anytime, and always, and what a joy that is for us to know!

She loves us. She wants to be near us. She wants to play, and commune as only a child can do!

Is your house (heart) open?

How long must you know someone before you say to them, "Come over. Anytime. The door is always open to you. You don't even need to knock."

What is it you fear?

For your life?

For your stuff?

Why would you not invite anyone, who would, to come to sit at your table, express their heart, share a coffee, a pastry, a chicken leg, and just talk?

Do you not care for their soul?

Do you not have time for their grief?

Do you not have time for their needs?

What is it you have time to do?

Your......nails? Hair? Shopping for one more whatever?

Where is your heart?

Do you really love God with all that is in you, and your neighbor as yourself?

If so, then what?

What does that life resemble?

Would it look strange, like someone who is set apart, and behaves not as the world would at all?

Would you say to a virtual stranger, "Come and dine. Feast with me. Let's talk!"

How open is your heart (home) to others?

It will be as open to others as it truly is to God.

When his love is in you, then your heart is open, and so is your door.

Is it open?

Is anyone coming to your house today?

If someone wants to come over, or made the statement that they were coming, then what do you do?

Do you panic, fret, or wish, or maybe even pretend, to be sick?

What do you have to hide?

How would you have responded to the statement Jesus made to Zaccheus?

"I am going to your house today."

Some versions indicate that Jesus said "staying" instead of  "going" which indicates maybe more than just coffee, or tea, was on the mind of Jesus. Maybe he needed a place to rest for a few days, a week, or more. Another version uses the words, "I must abide at your house."

Does it really matter how long someone stays at your home if they have need?

Sweetly, we read that Zaccheus made haste to get to Jesus, and received him joyfully, and immediately began to show signs of repentance.

Zaccheus gave, and made restitution, and cared not what the masses were saying about him.

Zaccheus had repented, and the masses were saying that he was a sinner!

But he only had eyes for the Lord!

Do you show signs of repentance?

Do you agree with what the Lord is saying to you?

He abides in you, and you in him, or not at all.

We do not jump on and off the Vine as it is convenient for us.

All or nothing.

You will be saying continually, "My house is yours, Lord," or you own it, and he is still knocking.

Or He owns you, and your house (heart) is his house.

You have been crucified with Christ, and your life stays on the altar, and you are a vessel, or you have yet to repent, and your life is still closed to others, and their needs, and his love does not flow in you.

Where does he reside? Who comes to your house? When do you extend the invitations?

What message is on your lips? How do others know what is in you? Is it of the Lord you speak?

Do his words flow through you?

If so, not very many will want to come to your house, but the door will always be open.

Your life will be one of sacrifice, joyful, and continual, or not.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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