July 11, 2017

Going "special" places?

It's that time of year.

People go on vacation, to beaches, mountains, anywhere but home, lots of people go just to get away.

When you pray, where do you go?

Is it someplace special?

Is it a prayer closet?

A room where only prayer happens?

Whey you pray, Jesus says to go where no one can see you.

Someone could see you in your special prayer closet.

Or in a special room, or "throne" or such as.

The only place no one can see you pray is inside of you.

In your heart.

It is no more special than to be looking at someone while they talk, and be praying for them.

And they not know it.

Who does the "work" of salvation in those for whom you pray?

Is it not God alone?

Must anyone see you in agony?

Jesus went off by himself, and his friends were elsewhere (sleeping) when he prayed.

Paul and Silas could not go someplace "special" when they were in jail.

Yet they prayed.

Don't set up a shrine, and think yourself holy when you go there to pray.

That is religion.

It makes a "rule" that says, "When I am here, don't bother me. I'm being holy. Be quiet."

In the cacophony of life, the one who knows God will be praying to him.

They will do so earnestly, and fervently, and the God who sees them in private, will reward them.

The ones who cannot be bothered are as the "religious ones" who passed by on the other side of the road from the man in the ditch who was naked, and bleeding to death.

The one who had mercy on him was moved with compassion, and when one is moved with compassion, then the feet will take them, not to "holy" places to pray, but to a hotel to tend someone, known, or unknown, all night perhaps, or all day, or all week, or for years.

Mercy knows no bounds in the redeemed.

They are full of it.

And they will obtain it.

Not because they holed themselves up at certain times of the day to do "religious" work, but because they have been made new, and they no longer live to make a show of their lives, but to serve.


Into all the world, go.

That's the special place God has commanded those who love him to go, and they do, and they love.

Do you?

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