July 19, 2017

Do you vigorously defend what you love?

What is it that you could sell if you had to sell something in order to eat?

I could sell La-z-boys, Tempurpedic mattresses, and soft sheets.

Do you see a theme there?

I could not sell running shoes, a vegan lifestyle, or juicing.

Again, do you see a theme there?

What is the theme of your life?

What I am asking, to narrow this down a bit, is what do you love?

What you love, you know.

Not everything that we know do we love however.

For instance, I do not love diabetes, and cancer, and sin, but I know a bit about a couple of those things, and I know a lot about sin.

If you know God, then you know love.

You know how you came to know his love, and you love everyone, and you want everyone to know of his love, and you want that none would perish in their sin, and you speak as often as you are allowed about the way to know God, and you CAN, and WILL defend your faith vigorously.

Or you know it not.

Do you simply drink in everything you hear from those who say that they know the Word and teach, or preach it? Do you question them? Do you ask them to define words for you?

Do you study to be approved by God?

We are commanded to study, and we are commanded to defend the faith we say we love.

Do you?

Would you allow your child to continue to be under the tutelage of an Algebra teacher who would not take endless questions from your child about that subject?

Some of us maybe cannot "get" Algebra, but the gospel message?

Everyone, who is ordained to get it, can get it, and since we do not know who can/cannot get it, then we speak it gladly, and often, and until we draw our last breath, because we love it, never saying that some are too stupid to get it. Course not. We are not the gate-keepers, and we know no one's heart.

Only God knows a person's heart.

The redeemed are simply vessels, never judges.

They know their place in the scheme of things, and they love the order under which they live.

It has brought them peace that passes understanding, and joy that cannot be properly expressed.

They are free.

Can you defend that which you call precious?

If not, please do not tell anyone to just "do it" or say the words that you think will get them saved.

Saying that I am a Christian does not make me one.

So, can you tell me what makes me one?

Do you know the words that Jesus said that would prove it?

And the words of the apostle Paul, and do you speak those truths, or do you make up words?

Study, my friend.

Or perish in your sin.

Defend what you say you believe, or you believe it not.

Paul defended his faith always, and then some until he was decapitated.

Do you love anything that much?

Will you speak the gospel message with a sword hanging over your head?

The gospel message separates sheep from goats, sons from fathers, mothers from daughters, and a mother-in-law from a daughter-in-law, and believe it or not, that is why Jesus came (Matt. 10:35).

It may separate your head from your body.

The redeemed love not their body to the death (Rev. 12:11).

That's been settled.

They have already been crucified, yet they live, and they live by the power that raised Jesus from the dead. The redeemed have heaven in their hearts, and they long for it. They love not this world.

Not one whit.

They fear nothing that man can do to them; their soul is saved.

You will speak the gospel message no matter what— if you love it.

It has the power to free one from sin.

Paul urges that we imitate him (I Cor. 4:16).

Can you?

Do you?

If not, consider that you know not the gospel message, for those who know it, proclaim it.

No threat stops the mouth of the one who loves God with all that is in them.

In season, and out, and it flows from them, not of their doing, or as a result of a pep rally.

The gospel is your life, or it is not.

For those who sell the vegan lifestyle, can you ever make them hush?

What if they think that it is a matter of life or death?

The gospel is a message of life or death. 

Light or darkness.

Love or hate.

Obedience or sin.

The narrow road or the wide highway.

Dead to self, and alive to Christ, or alive to the world, and lost in sin.

Non-respecter of people, or prejudiced.

Serving, or looking to be served. 

Salty or no flavor.

One or the other, and never both.

And you choose.

Wisdom or folly.

God's way or yours. 

Repent, or perish in sin. 

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