May 15, 2017

What's the risk?

For the gospel message you proclaim, what's the risk to your life?

As Jesus says, the message he brought is not one of peace, but of a sword.

It separates sheep from goats, and mothers from daughters, and a mother-in-law from a daughter-in-law, and such as that, but interestingly he never says that it separates a husband, and wife.

His message cuts to the heart. That's where he cuts a soul. Right where they sin.

We want to call hate "dislike of others" and he never says that is the case.

We love, or we hate, according to him. Black and white. Narrow or wide.

Walk only this way, not that way.

He says that a good tree ONLY produces good fruit.

He says that a person can gain the whole world, and lose his (or her) soul, and you can't seek both.

You want your soul saved? Then lose the world. All of its ways are gone in the saved soul.

Your soul is saved, he says, not your spirit, as some will say in order to prove that the soul still sins upon being saved, but even if those who want to say that the spirit is saved must explain how it is that the spirit was sinning before it was saved? Really? Have you heard of that?

(People will go to great lengths to keep on sinning.)

So sin resides in the spirit, and the soul? Please I need a verse for that. I find none.

What sins?

Or the better question is this:

Who sins?


But I thought that sinners need to be saved?

Is that not the gospel message you hear preached? Is it the one you speak? It is confusing, is it not?

People, who say that they have been saved, and yet will say that they still sin, will sing:

"I ONCE was lost in sin."


"Amazing grace that SAVED a wretch like me."


"What can wash AWAY my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus."


"Saved to NEW life divine!"


"It is WELL with my soul."


"PERFECT submission, ALL is at rest!"

But none of that can be true if sin is still present in the soul.

What message do you "preach" that is one that might just separate you from those you love?

Or separate you from your home, as in it might land you in jail?

Would your message separate your head from your shoulders?

Does any of that make you think, "The gospel message does not do that!" 

Yes, it does, and yes, it did, and the message, if believed, will cause you to lose your life daily now.

How is it that the that message Jesus proclaimed, and the message that his early disciples spoke landed them in dire straits (death on a cross, in prison, and all of them martyred (but John, who was exiled), but the message that is proclaimed in a million pulpits, in this day and age, lands most of the ones proclaiming it with a substantial salary, a retirement plan, vacations, and an attached garage!

From the looks of it, the ones proclaiming the "gospel" message today can say what they say, and people love it, yet it was not embraced by the millions back in the day, and yet the "times" according to Jesus would get worse, not better, so the times are worse today than ever in history.

Do you know any preacher who is persecuted for what he says on Sunday?

What's the risk to his life for how he lives, and talks?

What's the risk to yours for what you say about the gospel message?

If there is none, then you are not speaking it, and neither is your pastor.

What gospel are you speaking?

What do you fear?

Anything, or any man?

There will be in the heart of those, who speak the true message, a knowing that what they speak has a great risk to it, and the risk is, not only of relationships here on earth, but their very flesh and blood.

But, they fear not, for you see, they love not their bodies to death.

They've been crucified already with Christ.

Those who love their bodies to death will pamper them, and protect them, and serve no one.

They will talk mostly exclusively about eating, how to do it, and not do it, and about exercise, how much they do, and don't do, and rest, and exposure to sun, how much is good, and how much is bad, and taking naps, and how many vitamins to take, or not to take, and vacations, etc, ad nauseam.

And yes, perfunctory duties will be performed, but a laying down of a life is not done.

Their flesh has not been crucified with Christ.

What does it profit one to gain the whole world but lose the soul?

There is no gain in that, but only loss.

If you are laying down your life now, then you won't later when called upon to stand.

You are on shaky ground now if you won't stand for what may cost you your neck.

What is your message that would cause that to happen right now if you spoke it to anyone?

What is your gospel message?

Does it comport with the words of Jesus?

Does any of it make you "feel" good?

Or does any of it cause you to only live by faith that God has your very life, and breath in his hands?

What's the risk of the message you proclaim?

The true gospel message is not one of being great, or having stuff, but come, and die.

Die to hate.

Die to comfort.


The way of the world is wide, and comfortable, and is a road where you will want many "friends" but wait till your really need a friend. Then where are they? Take people to lunch, laugh it up, and say the "I love yous" and then get sick, and they send "air hugs" and won't dare to even come in to your home to bring a simple meal for fear of catching what you may have. And you call that friendship? They fear getting sick, and have not a clue that death awaits those who truly preach the gospel message.

What do you do daily that would be considered hazardous, and exposes you to the chance of injury, or loss, because of the gospel message you live in front of others by what you say, and do?

Do you really follow Jesus?

His footsteps will take you to God, and God is holy, and only the ones made holy by him, can speak to him, and be heard, and that takes repenting (agreeing that dislike is hate, and hate is murder) while still in your sin. Do that. He will make you clean. Set you free. Light replaces darkness. Trust replaces all fear. Truth replaces lies. Let me serve you replaces entertain me. Life replaces death.


Be made new.

The old will be gone, and the new will take up residence in your soul.

Then you will speak the gospel message with no fear, for the message of freedom cannot be contained in the freed soul. 

That soul longs only that others be set free. Faith comes by hearing, and they preach the gospel message, and come what may, they live for heaven alone, and their words, and works prove it.

Do yours?

When last did you tell anyone of the message that frees a soul?

From what do you tell them they are free?

Are you free?

If so, then from what?

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