May 2, 2017

So you wanna be queen?

Seems as though it is important in the "body of Christ" for married women to be queens.

And then if any of them have a little girl, then she must be treated like a princess.

And everyone needs to know it, and be aware that the queen or princess is home, or in the room.

If you are a queen, then you will not need to tell anyone, including your husband.

Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh, knows his wife is queen.

She never needs to remind him.

I can imagine that she never has, or does.

If you are of royal blood, through the lineage of Jesus Christ, then you are a servant first.

And always.

You can go ahead and think of yourself as a queen, but it will be as a queen who demonstrates what love is, and does, and it will be your full-time job, and you will love it.

You will not seek to be served, but you will serve.

IF you are of royalty through Jesus Christ, then you will follow his ways.

He came to serve, and so will you, IF you are his.

Like him, you will make of yourself no reputation, nor think that because you belong to God, then you are "somebody" who can use that to your advantage, but you will empty yourself in service.

IF you are truly God's child.

You can say that you are all you want, but that does not make it so, same as if you were to say that you are the queen of England.

Saying something is true does not make it true.

Feeling that something is true does not make anything true either.

Philippians 2:6-8 tells us that IF you are of royal blood, then you will serve clear through till death, and you will not fear death, nor man, nor anything at all.

That is what God the father does TO his child in giving them a new nature.

God does not say, "You should serve," but instead he commands, "Love," and his child does so.

There is not the word "should" in Scripture, but you will hear it all the time from pulpits.

IF you are of royal blood line, then you will teach your child, male or female, to serve, and love God with all that is in them.

If you love to sit, and point, and direct, and command, then you know not of God's ways.

You have not been born new.

You do not know God.

God's children make of themselves as the least of these, and while they are royalty, they make nothing of it, and demand nothing, and expect nothing, and are happy all day long.

They have been set free.

Are you free?

If so, then from what are you free?

Are you demanding, manipulative, deceptive, hateful, full of strife and envy, or do you love?

One way, not two, is how the child of God walks.

The saved do not look for titles. They long for heaven. They worship the One who has set them free.

They can be made fun of, spit on, and slandered.

They love regardless.

They do not say, "Do you know who, and what I am?" to anyone.

They serve, never exploiting their "religious" standing with anyone.

They know God.

They have a continuous conversation going with him at all times.

Sin does not interrupt the communion they have with God.

How about you?

Do you long for position, power, and prestige, or are your moments consumed in service and love?

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