May 9, 2017

Ponderding hard questions and answers

From the gospels, we hear men asking Jesus questions, and most of them pertain to the afterlife.

It is a wonder that Jesus answered the "how do I get to heaven" so differently than how it is explained from just about every pulpit in the world. There was no "pray a sinner's prayer," answer from Jesus.

We hear his answer to "how can I inherit eternal life?" with a story about the Samaritan man.

He says that the way to see heaven is to have righteousness greater than the Pharisees.

He asks Peter, "Why did you have such little faith?"

And we don't hear Peter answering (wonder why!), except interestingly enough, the other disciples, who were on the boat, said to Jesus AFTER seeing the storm abate, "You are the son of GOD!"

Evidently before seeing the winds die they did not really believe he was the son of God.

But even with them admitting that he was the son of God, then did that make them true believers?


(True believers are obedient.)

James says, "You believe that there is ONE God? GOOD! Even the demons believe that— and shudder!" Do you? Have you ever shuddered at knowing who God is?

If so, does that make you saved?


Demons shudder, but would anyone say that they will see heaven?

What must I do to be saved?

How do you answer that?

Do you speak the words of Jesus?

Do you understand what he meant by answering as he did?

Do you ponder what he said?

Do you care?

Children cannot ponder these questions, and will not be held to account should they die before they can ponder, and understand, and be born new.

But, as an adult, have you put away childish things?

Or do you pout when you don't get your way, and do you strike out at someone who strikes at you?

Do you willfully go about your day never stopping to help someone with more need than you?

Or, like a baby, are your needs all you know?

Ponder the things of God.

Be still and know him.

Ask, seek, and knock, and then you'll have the answers to your questions, or continue in sin.

How badly do you want to go to heaven?

How badly do you desire to see the Savior of the world?

Is he yours?

If so, from what has he saved you?

It will always be sin.

Sin causes one to be very "me" sighted, and I would venture to say that one is exclusively "me" sighted before being made new. Yes, there will be moments of giving. Even a murderer has a good moment or two. And that's what all of us are before redemption. Murderers.

Hate is murder.

We are COMMANDED to love God with ALL the heart, and the neighbor as self.

If you are not doing that, then you hate, and Jesus says that hate is murder.

Ponder the hard questions, and answers.

You'll not find them on Jeopardy, or any other game show, or in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Life is not a game.

Scripture tells us it is short, however, and you will soon be gone from this earth.

The question you will want to have answered positively is when you see Jesus and ask if you may enter heaven. He will say that you were either a "worker of iniquity," or "Enter in, my child."

His child enters in now, and knows him now, and loves God now with all the heart, and serves, with love, the neighbor, the husband, the needy right now, and does so with God's strength.

Ponder that, and examine your heart.

And answer this one as you ponder, "Why would Scripture tell us to examine our own hearts?"

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