May 13, 2017

For whom do you make much ado?

As you work, or rest, for whom do you do it?

Is your mind on you, or the Lord you say that you serve?

Your food is consumed for whom?

You rest in order to serve yourself or others?

Don't misunderstand, and think that if one is needing rest, then it is selfish to rest.

It is not.

The question remains about the intent of your sleeping, and eating, and all that you do.

Is your life always on the altar?

Do you put it there?

Or does the Holy Spirit do that for you?

For the truly redeemed, even the ability to get on the altar of sacrifice, or the ability to present the body as a living sacrifice, is accomplished by the Lord, who lives in the redeemed soul.

They take no credit for anything.

Compliments sound like a foreign language to them which they cannot understand.

They do not soak up the glory for anything that they do, or say, or— anything.

The truly redeemed are only, exclusively, and totally a vessel.

They hold within them the power of God who raised Jesus from the dead.

They are containers.

If you absorb, look for, or need acclaim, then beware.

Your old nature still lives.

You have not repented.

You might think that you are saved, but what is the distinguishing factor of a saved person?

Do they give?

Cult followers give.

Do they pray?

Cultists pray.

Do they smile?

Cultists do that.

What makes you different, in your comings, and goings, that distinguishes you from a Pharisee?

A Pharisee will never be caught in adultery, or stealing, or lying.

Outwardly they are perfect.

Can you see inside the heart of a Pharisee?

What do you think you would find there if you could?

Inside the heart of a Pharisee is a stone. Death. Sin.

Sin, in any heart, is death.

Yet a Pharisee will eat, pray, and live, but they live for self.

And they will answer for the motive of all that they do.

So will you.

The Father sees the intention of your eating, and sleeping.

Is it to obtain energy for serving, or to have energy to pursue, and consume your lustful desires?

The intent of the redeemed is to serve, and it is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit.

They have no need to TRY to live for God.

He lives in them to accomplish his purpose.

God will not let himself be mocked.

He will do in his child as he desires, for the child of HIS!

The woman, who belongs to God, does not belong to herself any longer, in fact  her "self" has been crucified with Christ, and she NO longer lives, but she DOES live, and it is by resurrection power.

A person can whoop, and holler that this is so, and yet still live for self.

They can be deceived.

So how/when will they know the truth of whether they are deceived or not?


Truth sets free.

The redeemed are free from sin.

Worry? Free from it. Fear? Free from it. Slander, lust, greed, contempt for others, and pride? Free.

Are you free?

If so, then you are making much ado about, and only about, the Lord who freed you.

Is that your story, and are you sticking to it?

If so, then it is easily accomplished, and you tell the redemption story to all, with no desire to "make friends" with anyone, for you will lose friends because of the story you will tell, and you WILL be persecuted for it, and if that is not happening in your life, then you are NOT telling the story.

And you are NOT free.

Your life is still about you. Your comfort. Your need for friends, and material possessions.

But what does it profit a woman if she gains the world, but loses her soul (Mark 8:36)?

Is your life all about God?

Which way do you walk?

Straight, or crooked, and up, and then down?

Is the food that you consume used for your shopping trips, and vacations, and pleasure, and can you seem to never get enough of entertainment, and money, and are your eyes fixed, or do they wander?

What's in your heart?

What are your motives?

For whom do you make much ado?

In the end, God will bring to light what is hidden in darkness.

He will expose the motives of the heart.

At that time, each will receive their praise from God.

Who makes you different?

What do you have that you did not receive?

And if you did receive it, then why do you boast as though you did not?

I Corinthians 4:5&7

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