May 11, 2017

Feeling super blessed?

Do you "feel" blessed?

You may "feel" even more than blessed.

Almost always, if not always, that you hear it, or say it, then is it because of material things?

If material things are a sign that someone is very blessed, then most all of Hollywood, and most every dictator, past, and present, plus millions who blaspheme God's name, are super blessed.

If material possessions, and great vacations, and a ton of money in the bank, and a lovely home full of beautiful things are proof of God's favor, and blessings, then Jesus was not blessed.

Speaking of Jesus, he had a few things to say about the meaning of blessed in Matthew 5.

It has nothing to do with stuff according to him.

Never, not once, does Jesus say that having an abundance of material possessions is a good thing.

I Timothy 6:5 tells us that there are those who think that "godliness" is a means to financial gain.

It is not.

Many multitudes of people have more than enough, and then some, of money.

Enough to take care of themselves, and a few extra families.

And many multitudes of people never think that their abundance is from God, but they have it.

Would you say that they are blessed, but don't know it?

Do you have to "know" that you are blessed to be blessed?

At any rate, never think that your great financial situation is a super blessing from God.

One is blessed, simply blessed, when they, by God's grace, mourn.

And when they are a peacemaker, and are pure in heart.

And a soul is happy when they are merciful, and are reviled for the sake of the gospel message that they proclaim, and when they are meek, and poor in spirit.

The woman of God, who may or may not have an abundance of goods, is full of joy when she is persecuted for the righteousness that God gave her.

She hungers and is thirsty for righteousness, and is filled with it, by grace alone.

The next time that you are "feeling" super blessed make sure that your hands stay open.

If you hoard, then you are consuming your lust upon yourself, and your stuff here on earth is all you'll have in the end, and it will be consumed by fire, and then what will you have?

Like Paul, are you eager to share with the poor, and then do you do that? (Galatians 2:10)

Remember, the justified person lives by faith, never feelings.

Faith is knowing God, and resting completely in him with never a worry.

That woman is confident. That woman is joyful. That woman is sharing.

She is blessed.

Are you?

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