May 5, 2017

Are you a good girl?

So you don't eat bread.

Or starches, or at least not too many.

And you maybe don't even eat meat, or not too much anyway.

Perhaps you walk, every day, or every other day, and you jog sometimes.

Maybe you do aerobics with your friends at church, and it's done to "good" music.

Then only on special occasions you'll eat cake, or cookies, or pie, but only when it's a special day.

But you always have devotions every day, or at least you try to do that, even if it is for a moment.

Does any of that make you a "good" girl in your mind?

The definition of "good" when it comes to God is righteousness.

Also according to the Word, your righteousness MUST exceed that of the Pharisees, or you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:20).

Are you better than the Pharisees of yesteryear, or of today?

How "good" were the Pharisees of yesteryear, or of today?

Good question.

They kept, and keep, all the law.

They don't do this, and they don't do that, and you'll never catch them doing the other thing.

What about you?

Do you ever lie, steal, or envy?

Would you ever sleep with a man who is not your husband?

Or would you ever take God's name in vain?


Not only must you never do that, but you must be "better" than that.

What is better than that?

What is the "other" thing where Pharisees come up short when it comes to being good?


The Pharisees did all the outward things that made them look good, but they had no compassion.

They can see the needs of others (everyone needs love), but they keep walking.

Read about it in the story of the Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

Oh yes. They saw the man in the ditch, but kept going. Do you?

They had to get to their important appointment.

Maybe they needed to have their nails cleaned, or were headed to jazzercize, or "Bible" study.

They had no time (no compassion) for the needy.

Do you?

Do you see your husband tired, but make demands, or thirsty, and keep going?

Do you see the beggar, and look the other way?

Do you see the needy, and think your agenda more important?

If you think that all the food that you do, or don't, eat makes you good, then think again.

We are only told to be thankful for our food, and never to make a big deal about it, or our weight.

We are told to pray without ceasing, so you can forget about having "special" times to do that.

We are also commanded to love God with all that is in us.

And we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves.

That takes more than eating "right" and exercise.

It takes more than doing all the "right" things to go to heaven is what Jesus said.

He said you must be born new.

He commanded repentance.

All of the law is boiled down to loving God, and the neighbor, so all of sin is boiled down to hating the neighbor, and not loving perfectly the God who made you.

You must repent of hate.

Have you repented?

When you repent, then you are GIVEN righteousness, not of anything you can do of, or for, yourself.

When you are given righteousness, then it fills you, not for any amount of singing/praying you do.

Where sin once was, love now will reside.

Where you once thought that you could walk a bit in the world-

and a bit with God-

you will, after repenting-

walk with God-

with a single-minded purpose called love, not longing to eat right, and exercise right-

and have a perfect body, for that comes with going to heaven, which you will long for above all else.

Are you righteous?

You must be perfectly righteous (that means always), which is a gift of God, in order to go to heaven.

Sadly many think that the spirit is made perfect upon being born new.


It is the soul of a person that is made right.

Please, if you still sin, then explain how it is that you can do that, and still go to heaven, when it is a sin to not believe in Jesus? How is your sin different than the sin of another? Does Jesus teach that?

Sin is always evil according to Scripture, and done because of a love for it (John 3:19).

Jesus commands repentance from sin.

Have you repented?

Are you good because of God, or .... why?

If you are good because of God, then you are good always.

That is his gift to you. It is his power that does it. Or must you in your power be good?

Is it your goodness, or his righteousness?

It's one or the other, not both.

You are either exceeding the righteousness of the Pharisees, or you are a Pharisee.

You are either loving, or you have hate in your heart.

Which one resides in your soul?

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