May 10, 2017

A yoke and a burden

For the one, who does not know of the burden that Jesus gives, something will always be hard.

It might be getting up, or lying down, or eating, shopping, sleeping, waking, working, driving, coughing, thinking, talking, or cooking, and the sky is the limit when it comes to stuff that will be hard for the one who carries burdens of their own making. Just name it. It could be everything.

We find in Matthew 11:30 that Jesus spoke these words:

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Notice the singular form of yoke and burden.

Looking back at the previous words that he spoke, we find these words:

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, 
and I will give you rest.

That being said, then can we assume that if one is not at rest, and is burdened, then they have not come to Jesus? Yes. Jesus does not leave the one who comes to him with burdens that are hard.

If you have, in your mind, come to Jesus, and yet you find so much of life, if not all of life, hard, then either Jesus is a liar, or you have not come to him.

Have you come to him on your terms, or his?

Looking back at verse 29, we see these words:

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.
For I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.

When a soul is at rest, then do you think that there is sin in it?

I am not asking you to tell me what you feel, or to tell me of your experience, but to tell me what Jesus said, and how is what he says proving itself in your life.

He gives freedom.

Ask yourself, "Freedom from what?"

He gives life.

Ask yourself, "How does that measure up to Ephesians 2, if I still sin?"

He gives rest.

Ask yourself, "Am I at rest? Can I have the peace the Jesus gives, and worry? Can both sin and righteousness dwell together in my soul?"

Jesus does not give a soul "occasional" rest.

He doesn't say those words.

He also says that light and darkness do not dwell together in a soul.

If something is always hard for you, then who is it that you serve?

It cannot be God.

Do you claim to have burdens?

Notice that Jesus gives a "burden" and what he gives is a command to love. 

That is the "burden" AND, he gives his child the ability! They are living sacrificese!

All that you are doing now is what you will do later, after you come to Jesus.

The difference is that you will carry what you do as an easy weight.

His love flows through his child.

A water fountain is a conduit for water. It sits there until needed. It is used. It does not say, "I'm so burdened having to dispense water. It is so hard for me." 

That is what the child of God, who has repented, and learned from Jesus, will be doing.

She will be a conduit for love. Just love. That is the "burden" that Jesus says is light.

The onus is on you. 

You are commanded to repent.

You are to seek him as for precious stones.

You are to love God with all that is in you, and your neighbor as yourself.

Have you done that, and do you do that? 

(I'm not talking about having "devotions" where you give a wink and a nod to the Creator. I'm talking about searching as you would for diamonds. Would you not dig practically to China if you were told, beyond doubt, that there were precious stones in your backyard? Would you do it no matter the state of your bad back, or knees, and would you not even give up a meal or even two? Would you seek, and dig no matter that your "plate" is very full, and you think that you have a whole lot of burdens?)
God does not give the child, whom he has made new, a service plan that is hard.

You can sit all day, and yet find that hard to do, and complain, and still think life is hard.

You will enjoy your pastor, and others, teaching you to "try" to live for God, which means that you 

have an "out" because if you just can't do it, then "try" again, and don't worry about passing anyone 

up on the highway on the way home from church, because that person just might be a robber, who

just might hurt you, and we can't trust those situations, but dad-gum-it we serve an almighty god!


You will not find that type teacher to be false, yet Jesus says that there are MANY false ones.

You like, not only to complain, but someone who makes you feel good, and laugh a bit.

You don't like to squirm, or think, or study.

You are comfortable in your religious state of mind.

And comfortable in your easy chair, and easy life, where you complain about life being hard.

Serve God, and never complain, or serve yourself, and something will always be hard for you.

You will seek sympathy, or be giving compassion.

You will want to be served, or you will serve.

You will be needy for love, or you will love.

You walk the wide road, or the narrow one, and never both.

What is hard for you?

For the woman, who truly knows God, nothing is hard, and the yoke is easy.

She skips through life even though her husband may be lost, and her child may be wandering in sin.

She sings though her bank account is zero, and she has little of this world's stuff.

She longs for heaven, and while her bones are wasting away, her soul is renewed every moment.

How about you?

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