May 7, 2017

A kindhearted woman

Are you kind?

I'm not asking if you are nice.

There is a difference.

A nice woman is sweet to your face, and will stab you in the back.

A kind woman, one who has been redeemed, and filled with love, will keep her goodnesss.

She will be good to your face; she will speak truth to you.

When you turn your back to her, then she continues to pray for you.

She is looking for the next place to speak truth, and will always want the best for you.

She will lay down her life for you, and in fact, she does lay down her life for you.

Her goodness remains.

She abides in the Vine.

Her goodness is not of her; she need not try.

She obeys.

She gets up.

She serves.

"A gracious woman retains (keeps) honor (distinctive integrity)," Proverbs 11:16.

God's woman has goodness that remains, for she remains in the Vine.

It does not come, and go, for she cannot jump on and off the Vine, for it is her Father who keeps her.

Are you a kindhearted woman?


Is that what you would say?

"I try."

Is that your answer?

The righteousness, which God spreads on a repentant heart, is NOT ever OF them (Romans 5:5).

They do not try, and it is not occasionally that they love.

The heathen heart can do that.

They try, and on occasion, they can "be good" but that sort of "goodness" is not of God.

His love is always, for it never fails (I Corinthians 13:8).

The difference between the two is night and day.

Light and dark.

Hate and love.

One way or the other you will walk this earth.

Which way do you walk?

Your way, or God's way?

If you try, and fail, and work at it, and do what you ought sometimes, then repent.

Agree with God.

You will be hating on someone if you try and fail, for you will "fail" to love the one who did you wrong, and betrayed you, and lied to you, and to be saved, you must be born new.

To be kindhearted (always), repent, for the kingdom of heaven is truly at hand (Matt. 4:17).

Or do you love your way of doing things?

That is why people will not repent.

It is for the love of darkness. It is for the love of holding a grudge. It is for the love of ease.

Jesus said so (John 3:19).

Agree with him.


Agree with God that you love the ways of this world, and you love your sin of disdain for others.


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