April 11, 2017

What is wicked? (Part 1)

Before we look at how Scripture defines the word wicked, think about if someone can be really wicked, or sort of wicked, or are they just simply— wicked.

It is the same as determining if someone can be just a bit of a liar, or a really bad liar, or a really good liar, or an occasional liar, and how many lies does it take to be a liar.

The same as the question, how many affairs does it take for a married person to be an adulterer?

When we begin to attach a "weight" to offenses, then your sins could look better, or worse than mine.

We like it that way.

We prefer to look around, and see if someone is doing what we do in what may appear to be a more offensive way, and then we feel better about ourselves. We become the standard at that point. We hold up our "sins" and contrast them to the "sins" of others, and we always will win that comparison.

We will always be better than the other stinker.

But God says that perfection is the standard.

How do you measure up to that?

What must you do to get there?

Try harder?

Have more prayer meetings?

Study your Bible more, sing more, go to church more?

How does perfection occur in a soul, and what does it mean to that soul?

For that matter, what is a soul?

The soul is where the thoughts are, and it is also synonymous with the heart.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.(Proverbs 23:7).

Your spirit is your capability to breathe.

Some have a vigorous ability to breathe, and live this life, either for the Lord, or not.

Your body is what is seen, and includes the inside physicality that is not seen.

You will get a new one, if you are saved, when you die.

You do not get a new soul upon death, nor do you get a new spirit.

Wicked, as defined by Psalms 10:2-10, is found in a person.

In Part 1, let's look at verses 2-5.

It looks like arrogance, and in a person, it seeks to set a net, and devour others (vs. 2).

Is there any part of you that thinks you are better than another?

Do you watch, in order to catch, others (whom you have deemed to be weak) in their "sins," and then have you put them to a "death" of sorts in your life by ignoring them?

Or is your heart only, and simply, loving on others to the end that they may, or will, come to know God, and love him with all their heart?

Are you full of compassion?

Are you simply a vessel of love, with no agenda of your own making?

Is anyone held at arm's length? Do you avoid anyone? Or wish them to vanish from the earth?

Wickedness in a soul, will boast by expressing desires that are in opposition to God (vs. 3).

Of what does that consist? Status? More of what the world offers? Ease? Entertainment?

Wickedness in a soul, seeks to promote the very things God hates, like greed, and in doing so, that soul proves that it hates God (vs 3).

The tongue does not need to say that it hates God, it is proven in what is sought for in life!

One can say that they love God, even as they go out to be entertained, and then pass by the one in the ditch, proving that they do not love God. Words are easy to speak, but actions reveal the heart.

Greed = desire for wealth and possessions that cloud out the needs of the neighbor.

God does not say that one can have greed, excessive or otherwise, and love the neighbor.

Is the heart good (or righteous) with just a little greed?

How does one measure a "little" greed? Again, who is the standard?

The wicked person is proud, and does not seek the Lord (vs 4).

If you think that you are saved, then do you still seek the Lord?

Every day is an opportunity to seek something, or someone, so what is it you seek?

In your thoughts, is there room for God? Does he get shoved up and out of the way of your TV, or your other entertainment of choice? If God is at the forefront of your mind, then is there room for error in your thoughts? Does God fill a mind (which he owns), or does he sit in the corner, and wait?

A (wicked) tyrant will not take "no" as an answer (vs 5). Meekness is a stranger to him. God's laws (love him with all the heart, and the neighbor as self) are anathema to him. The wicked have enemies, and the wicked do not love their enemies, but show contempt for them. They get the cold shoulder.

So now, I ask, is there any wickedness in you?

Any greed?

Any cold shoulder for anyone?

Any room for God in your thoughts, or do those pop up on Sundays during certain hours only?

Does wickedness come and go in a soul? Does it fill it, or occupy little spaces? What has God said?

How much wickedness must one do to be considered wicked to God?

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