April 8, 2017

What does it mean to be born-again?

How is it that one can know that being born new has happened to their soul?

How does newness from God appear in a soul, and show itself to the world?

Is smiling, or using "good" manners, or naming children "Bible" names count for righteousness?

Is having a soft voice, or making delicious home-cooked meals, or having company frequently, and knowing how to yuck it up with them proof of a pure heart?

Is love for God demonstrated by never saying "bad" words?

Does honoring a parent mean that one can choose not to speak to a father or mother?

Do wives who don't or won't submit to their husbands know God?

Can one choose to be disobedient, and have confidence that prayers are heard?

Is disobedience always a choice?

What counts for the sake of righteousness?

Does sharing from a vegetable garden, or "clean" eating, or reading Bible verses mean one is saved?

Does knowing hymns, and singing them at church, and/or at home prove love of God?

Must one have devotions every day, or at least try to do that in order to be a "good" Christian?

Can someone be a "bad" Christian?

What does Jesus say is the way to heaven, and what exactly does it mean to believe in him?

Did Jesus say that one must ask for forgiveness of sins in order to be saved?

Who goes to heaven according to Jesus?

Is it that one prays, sometimes, most times, or always at bedtime?

Does casting out demons count for anything in the book of life?

What about hosting or leading Bible studies, or attending Bible studies, or yearly conferences?

Is baptism by water, and by the spirit, the answer?

Is it joining a church?

Is it knowing all the books of the Bible, and memorizing verses that proves one is pure in heart?

Did Jesus say that any of those things prove newness of life?

How can one claim to be saved, and sin just like the one who sins, and does not claim to know God, and is sin the same in everyone, or does disobedience look different in one who claims to be saved?

Do all things become new in a heart that is willfully disobedient, and is all sin willful?

Does having a new soul mean that one does not sin?

Do light and darkness dwell together in a soul?

Must one obey totally, or partially, the commands of Scripture found in Matthew 22:37 to see God?

If partial obedience is fine, then how do the impure in heart see God?

If people were going to heaven before Jesus, then why the need for a "final" sacrifice?

In order to present the Gospel to a lost soul, then must one know the answers to these questions?

What does Scripture say about all these things?

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