April 12, 2017

The soul of the saint sings freely

No matter what the circumstance, the soul set free will sing.

In prison?

Still singing.


She sings, for the eternal, and all-wise God has given her peace which she cannot explain.









Her soul sings. 

What could any mere human do to her to her silence her soul?

She has suffered more from her own hand!

Her own sin, which once bound her, is gone; she is free.

And she is certain, with no doubt, not even a hint, that nothing can separate her from God.

God is love.

She is intimately acquainted with the God who is love.

Her eyes are fixed.

Something fixed is unmovable. Not for a moment does she waver. God fixed her.

She stays put in love, and not by any power of her own making, and not by trying, and striving, but the same power, that raised Jesus from the dead, keeps her right where God put her.

In his hand, she does not quake.

She does not wonder if God loves her. He knows how to prove it to her. He set her free.

Gratefully she no longer wants, begs, or cries for someone to love her.

The husband is free.

The friend is free.

The neighbor is free.

No one owes her a thing.

What could anyone on this earth give her that compares to freedom from sin???

She knows love.

She has repented.

She no longer wanders.

Her foot, held in place by God, stays put on the narrow road.

Oh the freedom!

Oh the song!

Do you sing?

Not from prodding. Not because you are in church. Not because your favorite hymn is playing.

Not because the rhythm got to you. Not because you remembered to do so. Not because you feel it.

But because you cannot but do it.

The mouth of the saint is full of song— always.

It is not conjured. No favorite CD needs to play. Her mind is set on singing.

Someone put her mind on auto-song, and she is very aware of why she sings.

No more sin binds her. Love flows in her. Freedom rings in her soul.

Day after day, moment by moment the song never stops.

In him is fullness of joy.

Going home, where the Father waits, brings instant, and endless song. 

Have you repented?

Have you agreed with God that the sin that you do is hate?

All sin boils down to hatred of someone.

And you will not love anyone perfectly till you repent.

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Jesus commands it.

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