April 12, 2017

"Spending time with the Lord"

Spending time with the Lord.

Doesn't that sound----spiritual?



Are we commanded anywhere in Scripture to spend time with the Lord?

Do you think that you have appeased the Lord somehow when you give him your moments in time?

Is he a god who appreciates a wink and a nod?

Should he feel grateful that you gave him some time whenever it is that you do that?

I googled the words "are we commanded to spend time with the Lord in Scripture" and found some sites that listed verses, in fact, one of them listed 17 verses.

But none of the verses listed specifically said, "Spend time with me."

We use conjecture when we say that we are to have quiet times with God.

Sounds sweet though doesn't it?

And we do it cause we know we are supposed to do that according to just about everyone.

And we sadly think that it makes us holy.

It does not.

One of sites that listed 17 Bible verses about quiet time with God has the gall to start off its article with the following words:

"One of the hardest things for most believers to do is to have a consistent daily time with God."

You can google it and find it if you want.

It is astounding to me that someone thinks that it is a very hard thing for a believer tot spend time with God. The person who sets a soul free from prison is forgotten?  He is not praised continuously?

True believers do not "spend time with the Lord" at all.

They live in him. He is their very breath. His words are on the tip of their tongue.

Go ahead and do your quiet time, and think that you are religious.

That is all that you are.

Scripture has very stout words for religious folks.

Look those passages up the next time you spend time with the Lord, and then repent of your sin.

You will be transformed, and not of your own doing, it will be a gift from the Lord.

When that occurs, then you will forever be blessed, and comforted, and peaceful.

That soul never just spends time with the Lord.

He is why they open their eyes in the morning, and breathe, and they never forget to praise him.

Do you?

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