April 12, 2017

Ridding oneself of anger....what to do?

You'll hear it said (even by "Christians") that physical exercise, tennis, a run, a swim, a walk, or any physical activities one can name can rid one of anything to do with the soul, like worry, or angst.

Scripture calls worry, angst, and anger, by another name entirely.


Nothing one can do physically works to free one of sin.

Might as well eat, or drink, or make a phone call, or take a nap, or fly a kite.

Anything physically done is called a diversion.

After all that one can do physically, one is still left with the anger, even while thinking it gone, for if a walk could abate anger, then divorce lawyers would be out of business.

Murder would be extinct.

Anxiety would cease.

And Jesus died in vain.

Nothing one can do physically removes the stink, stain, and chains of sin in a soul.

Believe the lie, and continue to do the kick-boxing, yoga, and latest dance moves to release stress, worry, and angst, or as Scripture calls it, sin, and remain in your sin, or repent.

To repent is to agree with God that your angst is hate, and hate is murder, and no one likes to put themselves in that category, for Hitler is there, and Ted Bundy is there, and so is Andrea Yates.

When one repents, or agrees with God that their anger is murder, then God frees them.

Do you really desire to be free?

I find it interesting that Jesus asks the sick man if he wants to be well.

Jesus saw the man "lying" there, and he sees us lying.

The man was an invalid we are told.

He was someone unable to tend to himself.

We, in our sin, cannot tend to ourselves.

Jesus sees us.

Lying to ourselves.

Lying around moaning, and complaining, and thinking, "Why won't someone help me?"

Some people don't want to be well.

They enjoy the "freedom" that being sick brings to them.

They are not able to do for others, for they are sick.

They do not lift a finger for the neighbor, for they need others to lift a finger for them.

They are not asked to do anything, for everyone knows of their sickness, and inability.

Would you be well?

Jesus commands, "Get up." "Go home." "If you want to be well, you choose to get up."

He commands us to repent.

Do you want to be capable?


Do you want to be sufficient?


Are you tired of being needy?

In your state of being not a valid, useful, loving person, repent.

Or remain in the sin that so easily besets you.

You will perish in it.

Or repent, and be free to tend, and love, and have residing in you the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, which is the ability to love the needy, tend the ones who remain in darkness, and do all of that, and more, because in Him is the strength to do for others, and live life to the fullest.

Is your life one of fullness of joy, strength, and love?

Would you be free from anger?

Don't think that a walk cures anger.

Hitler took walks.


Jesus commands it.

Or perish in your sin while you jog, dance, and kick-box.

Choose this day.

Be free, or continue to strive to be righteous.

Repent, or in your works, remain in bondage.

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