April 26, 2017

No longer salty

Can you talk a good talk?

Do you sound all righteous, especially when you are at church?

Do you go to church all the time like the Pharisees did?

What makes you holy?

Is it the good that you do?

Or do you blame it all on God?

Do you stop to help anyone in the ditch or do you buy into the fear of never helping a stranger?

Do you fear losing your life?

Then you will keep it here, and have your reward here, and you will go to hell.

God says to fear no man, so why do you fear anyone?

Are you ashamed of the gospel?

Anyone, who really knows the gospel, speaks it as often as they are given an opportunity.

The message, if received, has the power to set a person free.

Free from what?


Or do you love sin, and want to continue to do it?

That is the only reason sin is committed.

Jesus said so in John 3:19.

Read it, and weep. Weep over the fact that you love to sin. Repent of it.

Are you salty? Do you preserve the Word? Do you preach it in your good deeds to your husband?

Do you love?

If not, and I am talking if you do not love everyone, and hold no one at arm's length, then you are not salty, and Jesus is telling you that you are good for nothing good on this earth.

You are only looking out for you, and you are helping no one to see the goodness of God.

Wake up, and repent of your sin of hate, or perish in it.

Are you salt?

Or do you hide out in your home, and away from people, and do you love to be served?

If you live in fear, then you are not living by faith.

The two (fear and faith) do not dwell together in a soul.

Without faith proving itself out in your daily life, you are not pleasing to God.

You can say that you are pleasing God, but you are not if you have fear.

Big fear, or little fear, it is all fear.

God does not talk about big fear, and little fear, nor big faith, but he does talk about faith like a seed.

Faith, though you think that it is small, is faith. Faith that a dog will not bite causes you to pet it.

Fear will cause you not to pet it. Big or little fear will cause you not to pet it. Fear is fear.

You may say that God is all-seeing, and all-powerful, and that he holds you, but if you have fear?

Forget the talk.

It is worthless.

It is lip-service.

Stop lying to yourself, and repent.

Or perish in your fear, and faithlessness, and sin.

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