April 15, 2017

Mormons celebrate Easter

Did you know the following:

Mormons dedicate their Easter sacrament meeting to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that to be true?

How is it that a cult can believe the same way about the resurrection of Jesus as perhaps you do?

What would you tell a Mormon about how to be saved?

Would you use the words of Jesus?

How would you define the word "believe" to them when it comes to believing in Jesus?

Is belief simply acknowledging that Jesus rose from the grave?

Mormons believe that to be true.

Now what do you tell them?

How is it that you have eternal life?

According to Jesus, who gets to see God?

When does a soul become pure in heart?

Do people go from sinning a lot, to sinning less, and less?

If so, where is the passage, that supports that idea, found in Scripture?

On this day, have you chosen whom you will serve, and if so, will you choose differently tomorrow?

If so, how does redemption work in a soul who does that?

Inquiring minds want to know, need to know, and should know your testimony.

Do you have one that comports to the teachings of your church, or to the teachings of Jesus?

Are they one and the same?

What say you?

You will answer one day soon for how you lived your life here on earth.

Do you love others to the cross, or do you hold them at arm's length until they straighten up and see the light, and then when they do, then are you ready to open your arm's to them?

What makes up a love such as that?

What belief makes one think that one can distance oneself from others until......

Until what?

Where did Jesus go when it came to sinners?

He went into their homes, and ate with them.

Do you know who it is that he tells us to steer clear of when it comes to sharing a meal?

Read I Corinthians 5:11 for your quiet time today.

Ask yourself the hard questions.

Do any of the qualifications about whom true believers are to steer clear of, when it comes to sharing a meal, fit you? In any area of your life are you greedy? Sexually immoral? Do you slander anyone?

Is there anything that you hold dear that is made by man?

That is idolatry.

Idolatry is also thinking incorrectly about God.

We make idols when we do not worship God, and God alone.

Have you ever swindled anyone since you have professed to be a Christian?

To swindle is to cheat. Must one do a lot of cheating to be a swindler? What does Jesus say?

Yes. You will most likely agree that Jesus rose from the dead. And then what?

How is your life different than that of a Mormon?

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