April 9, 2017

It is unsustainable

The "high" that you may experience at church is unsustainable, and by unsustainable, I mean that you will find yourself grooving to the music, and "happy" and excited, and clapping, and maybe even tearful, and maybe you think you could even take a dance up-and-down the aisle, but for sure you are in a state of ecstasy from which you think will never be free, and you think you easily love everyone.

Much like the pep-rally that your high school may have had, where everyone was encouraged to clap, and shout, and get all excited, and then what? Go back to class? Study? Take the test? Everyone just wants to stay at the pep-rally, and sing, and shout, and forget the real reason one is at school.

Church services can be a performance induced faux worship time.

Do this. Do that. Clap. Sing. Shout. Dance. Get all excited.

And then what?

Go home.

Face the dishes, and then where is the energy to put on the apron, and get to work?

Face the fact that groceries may, or may not have been purchased, but for sure, preparations were not made for a meal, and no one wants to cook, so who sacrifices and starts the grill, and serves?

Face the husband who is not excited, and then where does the love go?

Face the fact that it makes one irritated that the same level of enthusiasm is not shared, and then where is the compassion for the lost?

Face the neighbor who is needy, and then where is the joyful worshiper who will show compassion?

Face the fact that it is time to understand that emotional highs are not true worship.

True worship is not man-made, and cannot be conjured, nor induced.

True worship flows.

It does not stop and start, and get high, and then go low, for it comes from the hand of God.

It cannot be stopped in the vessel that is always yielded, and clean.

The vessel that is always yielded and clean does not do the cleaning of themselves.

They've been made clean. The new birth is not of them. They know that.

They boast not of themselves, but of him who made them righteous, and they sing while doing the dishes, and when no one sings with them, and they love the neighbor as they love themselves.

The vessel that is always a living sacrifice knows of nothing but constant communion with God.

Yes, that brings an overflow of tears, but not for mere man to see, or applaud.

Yes, communion with God brings joy, and never a temporary high.

Pseudo worship is not of God.

Worship of God is continuous or not at all.

You can do nothing to make it happen, except, in your sin, repent of it.

Then the miracle of rebirth occurs to you.

Then the love of God is given to you.

It is a gift that you cannot but receive, because to do otherwise is to not have repented.

Continuous praise, as we are commanded to give to God, does not flow from a heart that sins.

It can't.

Sin separates one from God.



Be born new, and be always joyful, and serve with the same strength that raised Jesus from the dead.

Life will soon be over here on earth.

Eternity waits.

Where will you spend it?

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