April 13, 2017

How to or bow to?

Watch for the words "how to" in the "Christian" world.

The words are prolific, and if truth were being told, then the life with Christ would not be described in a "how to" but a "bow to" way.

If I tell you how to cut up an orange, or how to iron a shirt, or how to make a wreath, and then you do it, then would you say, "Look what Debbie did?" or would you say, "Look! I did it!"

When "teachers" or "preachers" tell "how to" live joyfully amid troubles, and then you do it, then there is ALWAYS going to be the expected pat on the back, and congratulations, from others, and you'll not want to admit it, but you'll be thinking that you are pretty good.


Great job!

Way to go!!!

And all the while, for those who think that they did it, there is boasting in the heart that they did it!

There may even be vocal boasting from the pulpit, or from friends who will pat you on the back.

If there is a true bowing of the heart, that comes with repentance, then the repentant KNOWS who is doing the successful living for the Lord in, and through, them.

They know how to love.

It is to, while in sin, repent of it.

Repent of hate.

If successful Christian living were up to a "how to" list, then the Scribes and Pharisees of old would have been congratulated by Jesus.

They kept to their lists, checked it twice, and found others who were naughty, and they never found themselves in contempt of God's law of love; it was others, always others.

And that is what you will do when you keep your "how to" lists.

You'll be noticing who is not doing what you are doing.

You'll want to hold up your list to them.

You'll even think, "Love like I do," "You're not loving properly," and you'll hate the ones who cannot love like you do, and think, "Why don't they get with it!"

They just need more "how to" lessons, right?


Those lessons are just more "laws" to keep.

Make more notes. Try harder. Nose to the grindstone life.

No, thank you. Enough already. Not another "how to" book, or sermon, or conference.

Jesus gave no "how to" lesson.

His message was simple.


Those, who repent, have the love of God flowing through them non-stop.

They finally understand the easy yoke, and light burden.

They don't keep records of wrong that others have done.

They love.

They bow to God, and the power that raised Jesus from the grave keeps their foot from slipping (Psalm 121:3), and that same power will not allow them to fall to temptation (I Cor. 10:13).

How powerful is your god?

Must you keep a how to list?

Or does love flow through you because you repented, and now bow to God at all times?

You cannot be serving two masters?

Serve your how to list and try to be a good girl, or bow to God in repentance.

He will make you new, and you will not be good in, and of, yourself, but because of God's righteousness that is in you, and then his goodness always flows out of you.

No reservations.

No prejudice.

No one is left out in the rain with you, and no one gets a cold shoulder.

Will everyone love you? No. Did they love Jesus?

Do you want lots of friends? Do you want lots of money? Do you like to be entertained?

That is wide-road living.

On the narrow road, the heart belongs to another, and not just on Sundays.

Bow to God.

Repent, and do it soon, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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