April 17, 2017


Another catch-word that is tossed around these days among Christians is the word balance.

We hear that we are to have balance in our lives.

Get balanced.

If only one has balance, then things go well.

Somehow a person is able to know when they have balance in their lives, and when they have done enough quiet time, and eaten enough, and exercised enough, and when all that is done with balance, then all is well in the soul. Really? Is that how we are told to live?


Never are we told that in the Word.

Oddly, the only place I know of where the word balance is used is found in Proverbs 11:1.

"A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight."

It would behoove the Christian to pay attention to anything that the Word calls an abomination.

An abomination is something that the Lord hates.

Do you hate it when you are unfair to anyone?

Or when you cut a pie, and take the bigger slice?

Or when you share with some, but will never share with others?

Is your "friendship" ability off the charts with a person you consider kind, and then the "friendship" ability fails to show up when someone is unkind to you?

Do you show favoritism?

God hates that.

He is not one to show more love for some than others.

His love in the truly redeemed is not balanced, it overflows, and is off the scale.

We are to love God with ALL the heart, and the neighbor AS we love ourselves.

Is that a description of your life?

God commands all of the heart, and to totally love him, and others, not balance.

Praise always, not only in a ten minute quiet time.

Never fear, not just when the doors are locked, and all the "bad" people are behind bars.

In everything give thanks, not just when there is a pile of money in the bank.

The life consumed by God is a living sacrifice of service, and only service.

And a smile comes with that service for the one consumed by God.

The smile is a knowing of what is to come.

The joy, that is set before the true believer, is heaven.

They long for it. They are passing through this world. It is not their home.

They don't balance a love for the world, with a love for God, and heaven.

They hate this world, and love God, and long to be with him.

They know it won't be long.

Are you totally aware that the end is near, and does that thought thrill you?

For the redeemed, who know of freedom from sin, and grace, live lives that are off-the-chart thrilled that this world is passing away, and that they will soon see their Savior face-to-face.

Forget about balance.

Love God with ALL your heart, and your neighbor as yourself, and thus fulfill all the law.

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