March 14, 2017

Which way do you choose?

Would you believe someone like this:

Best-selling author, international Entrepreneur/ Life Coach, and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you live your full potential.

Shannon Kaiser promotes herself with those words. She has written a book, Find Your Happy - Daily Mantras- 365 days of motivation for a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

What could be wrong with that?

Jesus has one word for us. He commands one thing for total happiness, absolute peace, and life, abundant and free. He does not tell us to repeat words to get those things. No mantras needed, nor are they accepted. Life does not happen that way.

Yet supposed Christians buy this "theology" and balk at truth.


Jesus commands it.

Shannon Kaiser not only will never tell anyone to repent, she also encourages one to play with the world. That is the address of her website. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Play.  Just keep me laughing. Please just provide a distraction from my misery!

Take me to the zoo, the park, any outing, or on a vacation, big or small, and keep the rah-rah going, and buy me this, and I want that, and do stuff for me, and to me!

Please keep me doing anything just don't let me be still, for then I might know God.

Sin is fun. For a season. For a while. Until you forget your mantra for the day. Or the husband makes you mad. Or you just don't feel like cooking dinner, getting out of bed, being kind, or showering, or when you just don't think you look cute any more.

Living by feelings gets you nowhere but depressed. Then if you continue to live by your feelings, you will find another book that maybe gives you 10 steps to happiness instead of having to read 365 days of "how to" be happy. Ten is easier, right?

The easy, wide road, offered, and given by the world leads to hell. 

Don't play there.

Be still and know God (Psalm 46:10).

Don't be deceived. Don't fall for what looks like fun. Hype. It's all hype. And you will be asking to buy it in more than one way. The hucksters want your money.

Yes, they do.

If you choose to follow Jesus, know that he leads one to God. Jesus will tell you to love. Always love. Ask him, "How do I do that?" He will always say, "Repent."

He doesn't sell it. He commands it. We must do it to know God.

He will tell you many things that will appear to be impossible, but with God (not Jesus) all things are possible, and Jesus leads you to God through repentance.

Agree with Jesus. He says, "Repent."It was the first word out of his mouth as he began his ministry (Matthew 4:17) and he continued to preach it throughout his life.

Have you repented?

Have you agreed with him about the sin that you do?

When you agree with him that sin is death, and evil, and darkness, then he will give you his light, and you will be transformed, and you will not, as some say, work your way to perfection, because one cannot sin their way to God. 

The transformation is in an instant, and in an instant you are given eternal life.

It does not take 365 days of mantras.

One cannot be wicked and have eternal life.

Who will you choose to believe?

It will be obvious by how you live, what you say, and the peace that is beyond description that abides in your soul, and never leaves you depressed— ever.

Do you always love, or must you repeat a mantra first, and get hyped up first?

Does love, like a river, flow from God to you, and through you, always?

You will continue in sin, or you will repent.

You will hate, or you will love.

Your life is on the narrow road, or the wide highway of try this, and try that.

On that road you are always looking for love in all the wrong places.

Repent, or remain in your sin, and perish in it. 

Be set free, or remain in bondage.

Read and believe the Word, or read and believe lies by a huckster.













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