March 15, 2017

Is sin evil?

Romans 8:13 explains that to fear the Lord is to hate evil.

We are also told in Romans 12:9 that love must be sincere, and (again) that we are to hate evil.

Of course, these words lead to questions.

HOW? How do I get to the point that I fear the Lord, and hate evil? Is there something I can DO???

If so, then is salvation, in any way, shape, or form, of works???

If one continues to sin, and if sin is evil, then when one sins do they not fear the Lord?

Apparently so according to Romans 8:13.

And if love must be sincere, then is there "something" that will look like love, but truly is not love?

YES! Because we see in I Corinthians 13 that love behaves IN ONE WAY exclusively, and always.

How do I get love like that???

Do not repay anyone evil for evil (Romans 12:17).

The husband doesn't "behave" as a husband "should," and then what do you do?

The only way the truly redeemed will respond to these commands is by doing what is commanded.

They do it always because they have a new nature, and the Spirit does it in them, not sometimes, but always, and according to I Cor. 10:13, they will be tempted to do otherwise, but they won't, and they don't brag, or boast of their effort, but of the power of the Lord whom they serve with gladness.

Others will not do as commanded, and therefore do not fear the Lord, and many will say that they are saved, and that they are Christians, and yet they repay sin, for sin, because they cannot but do that, because they have not repented, and do you now see the meaning of lip-service, and easy talk?

To say, "I love you," to someone, and then never lay down your life for them, is insincerity, and a lie.

To demand that others "be good" while you think highly of yourself is sin.

Do you truly believe in the Lord, and if so, then do you see that all sin is equally evil?

Or is the sin that you do different...somehow???

Are there levels of sin?

Or is disobedience, of all size and shape, evil?

If you do evil (sin) are you evil, or would you say that you are righteous in your evil ways?

How is a double-minded person portrayed in Scripture?


Are you unstable?

First happy, and then depressed? First praising God, and then worrying? First loving, and then not?

How is it that a person knows God?

Jesus said that we MUST be born-again. In being born of flesh and blood, did you DO anything?

Do you think that you can DO anything to be born-again?

Being born-again is something that happens TO you upon repentance.

You are GIVEN a new nature. The old is gone, Scripture says. Do you still have the old nature?

The old nature sins. The new nature does not. The new nature is the very goodness of God.

Which nature do you have?

If you say that you still sin, then where is that evil that is in you?

Jesus warns us.

You will soon die. Repent is his message. Is that your message?

Do your sins (worry, jealousy, and hate) keep you up at night?

Do you pray fervently for others who are in sin?

Are your prayers heard if you still sin???

Does an evil heart produce good fruit?

Will God hear the prayers of those who are evil, and therefore sinful?

Do you know that there is NO sin in the righteousness of God?

Do you know what Paul meant when he says that he is crucified with Christ?

What got killed???

What brings death?

Who brings life, and does he allow the old nature to reside alongside the new???

Have you examined your heart?

What do you find there?

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