March 29, 2017

Forgiving a murderer, and setting him free


I would guess that everyone in the religious world thinks highly of him.

They would say that they abide by what is found in his letters.

Or at least many claim to try to do that.

Before his conversion, he aided and abetted in serious sin.


And not just one murder. He aided and abetted many murders. He was an assistant to mass murder.

To aid and abet is to participate in the commission of a crime by performing some overt act.

It is to give advice, or encouragement.

To know of someone, who is about to commit murder, or a crime, and then to not try to stop it is possibly to be an accessory to it.

In the state of California, if you should only draw a map to show the best way to rob a bank, then you stand to receive the same sentence as an actual perpetrator.

And theft is not, in our society, the same as murder.

Spiritually speaking, to give encouragement to someone to sin is to aid and abet them.

Sin is not funny in any way; it produces death in a soul.

It is not an activity to be taken lightly; it separates one from God; it puts one in chains.

Lying is sin.

If I were to tell you that you cannot help but do it, then I am lying to you.

If I were to tell you that everyone does it, then I am lying to you.

If I were to tell you that you will hate it, but still do it, then I'm a liar.

Those, who hate it, and still do it, still live under the law, and they have not the Spirit of God in them.

The spirit of God is a comforter to those who love God, and are truly saved.

Is it a comfort to hate something and still do it?

Is the power of God, that raised Jesus from death, in a person, unable to stop them from sin? What does I Corinthians 10:13 mean when it says that God will not allow a temptation to be too strong?

Is it comforting to you to believe that you will sin, and you cannot stop it?

Is there any comfort knowing that you will wake every day to tell a lie soothing on the inside of you?

God says that he will not allow temptations to not be too strong, and he says more.

He keeps the feet of his children from slipping (Psalm 121:3). That is comforting. That is a miracle.

It occurs in the repentant heart (the heart that agrees with God that hate is murder).

It is a lie to think that we get pure on our way to heaven (and only the pure in heart will see God).

The only thing we are told that we get "new" at death, and in heaven, is a body, not a soul, or spirit.

Read the Word, and quote it accurately, or you will be, and are, an accessory to a crime before God.

You will be guilty, and are guilty, of lying to do anything but speak nothing but the whole Truth.

People, who love people, speak truth to them. They want that none should perish. They have no favorites, for everyone is precious to them, and that is why they have that continual prayer going.

Multiplied millions need to be saved.

Many are lost in sin.

Sin always causes one to be lost.

The ones who sin are called sinners, and they need a Savior.

Whoever sins is perishing in it.

In studying Paul's conversion, it is extremely interesting that NO ONE led him in any type of prayer.

He did not say the words "forgive me of my sins," and he walked no aisle at church.

He wasn't in a church.

He was on his way to commit murder.

His conversion was dramatic.

Miracles are.

A soul changing from dark to light is breathtaking.

The Lord did something instantaneous to Paul.

He was set free from his sin of hate (murder); he never did it again.

The new birth was done to him, and in him.

Paul did nothing to get clean, thus he could never have done anything to stay clean.

While on his way to commit murder, he encountered God.

He bowed his head. He obeyed his voice. He was made new.

We don't do anything to get clean.

While still in sin, we repent of it. Then we are set free from sin, and sin no more.

We have the new nature.

If you still lie, then you have not the new nature.

Saul, before being changed to Paul, was consumed with murder.

Acts 9 tells us that the sin in him was something that was breathed out of him.

His life was one of sin. 

Sin comes OUT OF the one who does it.

What we consume as sustenance for our physicality is no consequence to our soul's salvation.

And sin does not dwell in one corner of a heart, or in a certain "room" in a heart as some will teach.

It is pervasive in whomever it dwells.

Do you think for one minute that Paul returned to his murderous actions after his conversion?

Do you?

After your conversion, do you still hate?

Or do you call your ignoring of people in need by another name?

Do you call your desire to be "worshiped" by your husband romantic?

Do you not see that a desire to be put on a pedestal is a desire to be "like" God?

And only God is the one we are commanded to love with all our hearts, and singularly worship.

And do you see that your desire to be adored is encouraging your husband to commit idolatry?

Do you call your sin by any other name?

Know this: It is sin to not love God with all the heart, and the neighbor as self.

And is sin evil, and deceptive, and deathly in everyone else, but not in YOU?

If so, then how does that work???

Do you think when Paul said that he had put NO stumbling block before the church (II Cor. 6:3) that he was talking about the fact that he had not tried to trip anyone physically, or actually done that?

Of course not.

A stumbling block is a serious issue with the Lord.

He says that it is better for a person to drown themselves than to be one.

Do you believe the words of Jesus, or do you give them a wink and a nod?

Have his words freed you?

Interestingly as well, concerning Paul, is that he did no jail-time for his aiding and abetting.

The Lord set him completely free.

Would you say that he deserved prison time?

Interestingly enough he did serve time, but for preaching the gospel, not for murder.

Would you ever face prison for speaking the truth of the gospel?

Do you speak it now?

What do you tell others concerning their sin?

What do you tell them of your sin?

Do lust, envy, and hate hide in your heart?

If so, then you are still in bondage to sin, and you will behave "kindly" and then pinch someone.

You will submit, for the moment, when you think hubby deserves your submission.

To make that determination is insurrection, and it is to be your own god and rule your own life.

To behave in an ungodly way is to say that God is not in control of your life.

He will be a soul's sovereign, or he will not be Lord at all to that soul.

A ruler rules, or there is mutiny, and it will he God's way occurring in your life, by the power that raised Jesus from the dead, or you will be trying to do, and be, good.

The power of God does NOT come and go in a person.

You do not, and cannot, conjure it up as does a witch with incantations.

It does not work that way.

You repent, and then are changed, and are given new life, or you have never repented.

If you have been forgiven, then Scripture says that your sins are removed from you as far as the east is from the west, and that you are cleansed from all unrighteousness.

East never meets west.

All means all.

Are you still a murderer, or are you free?

Are you thinking about who you may hate?

If you hate one person, you are a hater according to the Lord.

You cannot be "mean" to one person, and truly kind to the rest.


Study Scripture.

Do you love the Word?

If so, then you abide by what you find in the Word.

That is the ONLY proof that one truly loves God.

That is what the Word says.

Would you say that you do as God says most of the time?

If so, then you murder "sometimes" but not always?

Is that a comfort to your soul?

Is that freedom?

Is that what righteousness looks like to you?

Paul love others, all others, following his conversion.

You'll find that fact in the Word.

Don't just read the Word; you are commanded to study it.

What do you find?

Can a good tree really bear bad fruit?

You will soon die, and then you will stand before Jesus, and he will say to you that you were a "worker of iniquity" (you spent energy on sin), and to depart from him, or welcome home.

Which way do you live?

Loving or hating?

It will not be both.

The abundant life promised by the Lord is not one that in any way consists of outward stuff.

Life is the very breath of the soul set free from sin.

Again, I ask, "If you say that you have been set free, then from what are you free?"

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