March 19, 2017

Concerning your efforts to live by faith

If you think that you can do anything to live by faith, then think again.

To not live by faith, at any moment, is it to live in disobedience.

To live in disobedience is to live in sin.

Living in sin does not produce faith; faith does not exist in that soul.

The Word says that the just (righteous) shall live by faith.

The Word does not say that the righteous shall live by faith, and then falter, fail (sin), and live by feelings sometimes, and then faith sometimes, and it will be a real struggle, and to get to the point where one lives by faith, well, one must try to get there, and one will be successful sometimes, and not sometimes (sin), but keep at it, and one day, it just may happen that you will live by faith, and faith alone, but hey, just keep in mind that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!

Many will quote Romans 8:1, but not all of it.

Many versions leave out what you will find in the King James Version.

But even leaving out the part found in the KJV, they still think that they can be IN the Lord, and sin.

Jesus says that is impossible.

Light and darkness do NOT dwell together in a soul.

A good tree produces only good fruit.

Jesus said so.

Study the words of Jesus. If you love him, then you will.

Do you really believe that someone born new will still have the old nature too?

Does the Lord really not cleanse one from all unrighteousness?

Do you really believe that a soul is purged little by little, and that one will still do a little adultery, and a few lies, and take God's name in vain occasionally, and will "occasionally" look different in your life, than in mine, and if not, then do we live that "occasionally" done sin as you do it?

If so, then you are the standard???

Do you believe that if I said that a dog shall bark, then there will be times that it shall quack?


A dog barks.

A duck quacks.

And the righteous live by faith.

If you want to live by feelings too, then justify it with passages from the Word.

Be ready, in season, and out of season, to defend the way that you live.

Be careful to adhere to all of the Word, and to include all the words of Jesus.

"Happy are those who hear the Word of God, and obey it," Jesus said.

Note that he did not say that it is possible to be happy (blessed) if one will obey it sometimes.

Study the Word, and you will find that it's always, or never with the Lord God almighty.


The fact is that many choose to walk as they wish, when they wish, and thus are not happy...always.

But alas, they will say, "Yes, I'm depressed, and I sometimes take God's name in vain, and I sometimes will tell a falsehood, and steal what is not mine, but I'm not under condemnation!"

Yes. They are. By your own words, you are condemned, or justified (Job 15:6, and Matthew 12:37).

Do you live according to your words, or all of the Word?

The words of Scripture are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that in believing (doing what he said to do) you may have life in his name (John 20:31).

It is NOT enough to only say that you believe in Jesus to then have eternal life.

Demons believe Jesus is the son of God (James 2:19).

Those who have saving faith also have works that flow from that true faith (James 2:18 & 26).

Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-17).

Hearing that, do you then get to work?


You get to work, not of your own effort, but because you have been given a new nature.

The new nature does not need to be told to get to work, the new nature in them compels them.

They cannot help but work (II Corinthians 5:14).

Check it out. The redeemed can do nothing but love! What does 'compel" mean?

If you must try to work, then you will think that your effort has saved you.

That type person will think, "I got to do something nice today. Ugh. I'll get to it. Get it done. Then I can do as I wish. Maybe find some entertainment. Maybe have hubby do something for me. Take me somewhere. But first I'll go visit old uncle Joe. Ugh. Maybe I'll go visit him tomorrow. I need a nap."

That type person still walks according to the flesh (Romans 8:1 KJV).

Those who are truly not condemned will always walk according to the Spirit.

They are ready in season, and out of season, and the love that they have flows.

Or, have another gospel, and walk as you wish sometimes, and throw your fits, and be hateful, and get depressed, and live as the world sometimes, and be sure to justify it somehow, because that is how the world lives, and the wide highway allows for wandering, but you will think you are not on that road because...why? Where is the proof of your salvation? Must you prove it?

What does Scripture say about that?

Do you know?

Are you on the narrow road? Is your life joyous? Is God's love flowing through you?

Are the burdens of this life light for you?

Is the yoke on your neck easy?

Please stop and think.

Please examine your heart.

Please don't be fooled, and deceived, and don't buy into thinking that sin is okay.

Please study to be approved by God.

That is what he commands.

Do you live effortlessly for God?

Or must you try?

Do you live by faith, or feelings?

It will be one or the other, not both.

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