March 1, 2017

Bringing ease to his life

The woman was made for the man.

I Corinthians 11:9.

Genesis 2:18.

Genesis 2:22.

Not my words.

Well, they are.

His words, mine.

The Word, of the Lord, is the Lord.

When a branch abides in the Vine, the branch speaks the words of the Vine.

And lives the words of the Vine daily walking as he commands.

The commands of the Lord are not burdensome (I John 5:3), they are life.

In all actuality, and reality, the branch lives the life proclaimed in the Word.

The woman brings ease to the man, her husband.

She helps him.

She gets up and serves him. She spends energy on him. She supports him.

She doesn't boss him, nag him, rag on him, denigrate him, or hate on him in any way.

She loves him.

In loving him, as God would have her to do, she eases his way in this world.

Always, and in all ways.

She goes behind him cleaning up his messes.

She goes before him preparing a meal, getting ready what he needs, and soothing his heart.

She isn't needy.

Hallelujah, she is attached to the Vine who supplies her every need.

She does not suppose her husband is ever mean to her on purpose, nor suspect evil is his intention toward her, for she is not God, and leaves her man's heart with God; she holds no grudges.

She does not point out his sin to him; she holds him up to her Lord who she knows is able to do with him as he chooses, and she waits on her Sovereign as she waits on her man, endlessly loving, giving.

The strength of the Lord is hers as over, and over again, and day after day, she serves her man.

Joy is hers.

Never is the work God puts before her a drudgery. Her eyes see. Her hands do.

Bringing ease to her man's life brings contentment to all the moments of her life.

Oh the wonder of it all.

Oh the absolute opposite of what the world encourages her to do.

Because the sovereign Lord is her help, she will not disgrace her man. Her face is set like a flint, and for her tireless following of the decrees of her Lord, she will not be put to shame (Isaiah 50:7).

Do you love your husband?

I pray that if you do not, then your heart will change.

If your heart is as a stone to him, then repent of the coldness, and let God fill you with warmth.

Then you will be as God commands, and as is his design— a helper to your husband.

When you bring ease to your man, then you walk in obedience, and your love for God is true.

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