March 20, 2017

Bound or free?

If one child bites another child, then is the one who bit a biter?

How many times does the child of someone else need to bite your child before you say that the one who bit your child is a biter?

If your friend's husband commits adultery, do you think that he is an adulterer, or do you wait to see if it happens again, and if it does, then does it take two times to make an adulterer?

It is odd that some will claim (or strive to claim) to be free of caffeine, sugar, and gluten, yet the God of this universe, who we will say is almighty to deliver, and who gave his Son, and left his very Spirit to live in us, to accomplish righteousness, cannot set us free from sin to sin no more.

It is odd that Christians, who say that they love God, will not always include the phrase "with all my heart" as God commands that we must love him.

It is odd that we will think that because we don't steal, yet may tell a fib or two occasionally, then we are better than someone who gets caught breaking and entering. They should go to jail! But our "stuff" that we do is not so bad.

James 2:10 tells us differently.

What, and who, do you believe?

Is it the narrative that runs through your head, or the words of Scripture?

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

What does it mean when he says that he came to set us free?

If you would claim to be free, then from what are you free?

If you submit to your husband this morning, but not tonight, then are you free from rebellion?

If that child, who bites, does not bite your child this morning, but bites later today, and then not again for a week, then is that child free from biting, or will you be outraged that it happens at all?

When would you say that the child is free from biting?

How bad is your sin?

Are you bound or are you free?

What person can do just one sin? What does Jesus say about all sin? What makes you different than the world? Do you hate sin? Do you know that if you do it, then Jesus says that you don't hate it?

If that biting child were to be fifteen, and still biting, but only occasionally, then would you say that the child is free from biting simply because he/she is biting less than they did as a toddler?

Is doing something less than before mean one is free from it?

That husband, who was unfaithful to your friend, who is in his thirties, may say that he only wanders once a year now, but it was twice a year when he was in his twenties, and he may think that he is greatly improved, but what would you say? What would his wife think? What if it was the wife who was unfaithful? And what would you say to her? Would you say, "Try to be/do better!"

And what if she came to you and said, "I'm being/doing better! I am unfaithful only once a month instead of once a week!"

Would you congratulate her?

It seems that sin just ain't so bad in the "Christian" community.

It is tolerated, laughed at, and accepted even, and the emphasis in the world is on food.

Is that your emphasis too? Are you a good/better person for not drinking soda pop? Or eating sugar?

The church, back in the day, had issues like that. You'll find that, over and over again, Jesus, as well as the apostle Paul, says that to think that eating differently makes one good, well, it does not.

You must be born again.

You can be set free from all unrighteousness, or you can continue in your sin and perish in it.

Are you free?

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