March 17, 2017

Are you clean?

To get God's grace, no one must do anything.

While still in sin, and then to be made clean from sin, no one can make themselves clean.

As in, you cannot do anything to stay clean.

In your sin, you repent of it, and then you are made clean; you are washed, and made whole.

You are given the new nature.

It replaces the old one; the old one is gone as far as the east is from the west.

You do nothing to stay clean.

How would that work anyway?

If you say that you still sin, after repenting, and being made clean, then what you are saying is that you sin, and IN YOUR SIN you make yourself clean again.

What makes a stain in the first place is not used to clean a stain.

That is like saying that I am going to use red wine to remove a red wine stain.

It won't work.

Your "works" do not keep you clean either.

You don't do anything to hold onto grace.

Efforts (works), Scripture tells us, stink.

Works don't work!

A sinful soul cannot clean itself.

The sinful soul is MADE clean, and then STAYS clean by the power of God in the redeemed soul.

If your soul still sins, then how do you get clean?

Do you know the effect of one sin?

It keeps one from the presence of God.

If you still sin, then how is it that you pray without ceasing?

Evidently you don't.

Sin is not a once-and-done-with-it event. You do not stop hating people, and God, and then think that you can stay that way of your own effort. You either love without end, or you are hating on someone.

At all times, and any time, the redeemed can approach God with prayers.

Their life is prayer; it's what they love; they know God, and talk to him!

Can you? If you still sin? If you still sin, then do you always begin your prayers with repentance?

If so, do you see that to do that is like saying, "Again, God, I agree with you that hate is murder."

Would you think that God would reply, "Then why do you continue to do it?"

Do you know what you would need to say back to him?

Do you know that Scripture tells us exactly why sin is done?

And to say otherwise is to speak a lie?

Do you know why sin is done, according to the Word?

Jesus tells us the "why" of sin in John 3:19.

You might want to say that the temptation to sin is too strong, and you just can't help it.

That is a lie as well because of what we read in I Corinthians10:13.

Sin is not eating a cookie, or smoking, or having a glass of wine UNLESS you know that doing those things will cause a "brother" to stumble. The Lord keeps the feet of his children from stumbling (Psalm 121:3). The truly saved will not do those things in front of those who would stumble.

Scripture tells us that sin is not what we put IN us, but what comes OUT of us.

Those still in sin are very consumed with food, and clothes, and outward things.

Sin keeps us diverted from true life.

Sin is hate.

The constitutional make-up of all sin is hatred of God and others.

Sin is revealed in actions.

Sin is not hating on someone today, and then loving on them later, and back and forth one goes hating and loving, and hating and loving, and millions of so-called Christians exhibit that behavior, and will get medication to help control it, and try to eat differently to help it, and go shop to help it!

Anything but repent.

True righteousness in a life is constant.

Sin is pervasive. You cannot pick and choose the times that you will hate on someone.

If you still have hate, then you hate.

You will think that you have it "under control" perhaps; but you do not control sin.

If sin is still in you, then it will control you, and while you might be able to fake your way through encounters with people, and pretend to love, down under the facade, in your soul, either light is there or darkness is present, and you will do your best to avoid people, and you try to be good.

That is what Jesus taught.

He says that light and darkness do not dwell together in a soul.

And you can't do  anything on a daily basis to keep sin in check.

If sin is in you, it keeps you in bondage.

Sin, in a soul, has no ability to help you free yourself from it.

It controls you.

Someone will say or do something, like the hubby will not hold your hand when you think that he should, and he won't help you with hauling in the groceries, and your head will swim with anger, and your words will accuse him, and your actions will shut him out of a warm embrace, and then you will lose your "cool" and yet the Lord never says that we should try to keep our cool, but that those who are his simply, without any effort on their part, abide in the Vine, and they love, and then do it again.

What does a branch DO to stay on a tree?

The righteousness that a saved soul does is of God, not of any effort on their part.

And they are full of good works.

Yes, they are tempted to shun, and speak harshly with angry accusations, but they overcome.

The truly redeemed stay in the Vine not from anything that they DO.

So, do you still strive to be good, and try to love, and work hard to do as the Lord commands?

How is that an easy yoke, and a light burden?

And if so, that amounts to works, and works always take one, not to God, but to self-righteousness.

You will boast and say that you were "good" and did not yell at hubby, instead of boasting that God is good, and that he keeps you from slipping, and that his power saves you every moment from sin.

Repentance carries one to God. He makes one clean. What he makes clean, stays clean.

Would you be free from the burden of sin?

Would you be free from evil passions and satanic pride?

Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow???

The stain of sin blackens, and kills, and steals pure life from a soul, every time.

Is your soul clean, and then dark, and then clean, and then dark?

Scripture never paints that picture.

Hebrews 10:26 clearly paints a different picture.

If you continue to deliberately sin, then there remains no sacrifice for you.

In John 3:19 Jesus explains that we sin because we love to do it.

That's a hard pill.

That equates to sinning on purpose - it's deliberate.

Sin is done because of love for it.

Jesus says we love him, or we love sin.

Or will you say to the Lord on judgment day,

"I couldn't help but sin."

When we say that God is almighty, do we not mock him to say that we can't help but sin?

He says that he will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

You can say that you love him, and that you can still sin (which you say that you hate).

But if you say that, then you will be lying.


Jesus says differently.

You will love one, or the other, not both (Matthew 6:24).

Are you a faithful servant?

Does one lie a liar make?

Can one steal, no matter the cost of the item, and not be called a thief?

Is one act of adultery considered faithful?

We lie to ourselves to think that we can be unfaithful, and yet have been made clean.

Are you clean?

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