March 16, 2017

Are there levels of sin?

Those who do not believe the words of Jesus will not see heaven.

To not believe the words, all of them, and do them, is sin.

So right off the bat, we may think of those in cults (I won't name one here, but you must surely know of some, and if not, then google it) and people in cults do not believe in Jesus, at least not as you may know him, and thus they are lost, though they will tell you they are saved, but the sin of unbelief will take them to hell, and rightly so.

But what about your sin?

How is it different than the sin of those who do not do as Jesus says to do?

Are you living by his commands— all of them?

How is your sin different than the sins of those in a cult?

I find it fascinating that Christians, who say that they still sin, will seemingly make distinctions.

If you think that your sin will not keep you from God, then is it better somehow than other sin?

How many lies does it take for one to be a liar?

How many days of not submitting to your husband does it take for you to be an insurrectionist?

How many times can you hate on someone and it not be murder?

How many acts of adultery will you allow someone before you deem them an adulterer?

How often can you gossip, or covet, or be jealous before you consider them death to your soul?

We are commanded in Scripture to examine our hearts.

Who can know the filth of their own heart?

Apparently we can know of it, or we would not be asked to take a look.

I honestly don't think we can know the depth of the pain, and darkness of it, for that horrible rebellion killed the Lord, and God in his mercy does not allow us to experience that for Jesus did it for us.

But you can test your heart, and see if it is adding up to how Jesus said we must live if we are to see God. Only the pure in heart see him. Does that purity happen as we fly to heaven?

If so, where is that found in Scripture?

Do you live by faith, or feelings?

Take a look at your heart.

What do you find there?

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