March 23, 2017

A broken nail, a hairdo, a dog

I won't tell you "how to" live better for the Lord, or "how to" get closer to God; I don't know how to do those things.

As I understand the Word, one is either in the Vine, and is (present tense as in always) a new creature, and all things have become new for that repentant soul, or they will be trying to do the things of God.

They will be finding new "how to" ways of doing the things of God. 

They will always be seeking out the latest/greatest from Zondervan, or "Christian" publishing house.

They will boast of reading the latest best-selling author, and how much he/she has helped them

They will be longing to go to a conference, retreat, mom's day out, or Bible study, or you name it, all in an attempt to do things better, get their "high" for the moment, and live closer to God.

They will fail.

They will fail to know that God is not found in a day's quiet time, and applied as one would lipstick.

They will think eating clean makes them better.

They will get more upset over a broken nail than over any lost soul.

They will spend more money on a broken nail, a hairdo, a dog, and clean eating than any poor person.

They will fail to visit anyone in prison, and will not believe the words of Jesus concerning that visit.

They will not help the poor, nor long to do so as Paul says the redeemed will do.

They will fail because all of their efforts are as filthy rags.

Filthy rags have no useful purpose.

Efforts to live for God fail, as do any attempt at striving to be good, or trying to get closer to God.

One is either close to God, as in the palm of his hand, or they are not.

Would anyone, who is in the palm of God's hand, worry?

Would they not know of complete joy, comfort, and peace in the middle of whatever happens?

They do. The redeemed do know. They know God.

They take the words of Jesus, and delight in them.

They dwell in them, and nothing else.

They submit to husbands, authorities, and they are kind, patient, and full of good works.

They feed the poor, bear burdens, and they fulfill all the law.

Jesus said so.

Someone living as that is free.

That's what the Son does to the repentant heart. That's what he came here to do. His job is well done.

In the repentant heart, he will do as he says he will do.

He will set the prisoner free. Sin binds a soul. Always, no matter who does it, and how many times, and what sin was committed, and the Word says to fail at one part of the law, is to break all of it.

Are you free?

If not, then please do not buy another "how to" book, or for that matter don't buy anything thinking it will work toward you becoming righteous. It won't. Not ever, as in never.

Or waste your money, and go on striving to be good, and continue to sin and perish in it.

But I would beg you to do otherwise.

Seek God with your whole heart. Seek him as you would for hidden treasure. Read his Word.

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