March 18, 2017

A book review for a book I have not read

What falls from the sky, by Esther Emery, is published by Zondervan.

Side note first: not everything published by a "Christian" publishing house is godly.

Back to the book review for this book by Esther Emery.

In her trailer, for the book, found at her youtube channel, named Esther Emery, you will hear her say that you can bring yourself to a place of quiet.

Whatever her book does say, if it does not include facts found in Scripture, then it is bogus.

Remember, no matter what book you read, or what blog you read, or what motivational/inspirational speaker who you hear, that salvation is a gift from God, brought to you by a loving God, who woos you, and that any peace that you have (if not CONSTANT) is not from him, but from the world.

You must, in your sin, repent of it, and then you are born new, and given a new nature.

You do not accomplish any of the good in you.

To believe otherwise is heresy (not Biblical thought or belief), and to believe that you can do the acts that bring peace, and well-being, and goodness into your life is to make of yourself a god.

Satan wanted that.

Everyone, who has not repented, wants that.

Women, who want to be queens, and to be treated as such, have set themselves up as objects of worship, and God commands that no person have any other god before him.

"He alone is worthy" we hear the masses of women proclaim as they scheme in the recesses of their continually dark hearts to get their way in their world, their home, and in every way possible.

Every unrepentant soul wants what they want, when they want it, and you had best better comply, or else you will be on their hit-list even as they smile to your face, and will say you are their bestie.

You do need a best friend.

It will not be Esther Emery, and it won't be that friend, who you find really sweet, and that you seem to have so much in common, and who seems to be so much just like you.

When you repent, you will have a friend who is peace, and who, by his spirit, comes to live in you.

He will accomplish in you what no woman, no matter how alluring her words, and no man, no matter how much you want him to adore you, can do. He cleans the repentant and narcissistic heart.

Not watching the internet for a year will bring no one everlasting life.

Only drinking water will not save a soul.

Man will focus on the outward, but God....the heart.

He is after every last bit of it, and he will have you no other way.

He doesn't take a bit of it, and clean it, and then hang around as you meander on the wide road trying to decide when/if you will relinquish more of yourself to him. He is not that type. It's all or nothing.

So, be careful what you run after in this world.

Is it the latest from Zondervan?

They are trying to sell you something.

What God commands that we must do is cannot be attained with silver or gold.

It will, however, cost you your soul.

In saying, "I agree with you God that my hate is murder," you relinquish your life to him.

He takes it and gives you a new nature.

No amount of self deprivation will ever give you that.

It will only give you a self-righteousness that is as the worst filth, and stench one can imagine.

Do you really want peace that passes understanding?


Do you really want to have your prayers heard?


Do you really want to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too, and not just keep running after the latest, and greatest the world has to offer?


We don't, and can't, give up anything, and find our souls as Esther Emery seems to be saying.

We are commanded to repent, and in doing that, in agreeing with God, we find him.

We see our souls for what they are— sick, dark, and beyond our ability to fix.

God is the greatest treasure.

Are you seeking him, or the next and newest that the publishing world has to offer?

It's always something with them. You would think "it" has all been said already. It has.

They will continually package it with a new face.

One that looks calm, and seems to have it altogether, and who still wants to sell you something.

Don't fall for it. Don't be deceived. Don't be foolish and buy yet another self-help book.

Self-help is you "working" it.

God is waiting. He is looking for that contrite heart. He wants you to come home.

He wants to give you life that never ends.

Continually trying to be good, and better is an endless striving.

It is chasing the wind. It leaves one exhausted. It is not an easy yoke, but a heavy burden.

God wants to commune with you continually.

Don't buy another book to find him.

You will soon die.


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