March 30, 2017

Inheriting eternal life

In Luke 10, we find that Jesus was asked by a lawyer what one must do to inherit eternal life, and we find several interesting facts.

Jesus did not say to pray the sinner's prayer.

He did not say that one must ask for forgiveness.

He did not say that one must be baptized.

He did not say that one must join a church.

He did not say that one must bow their head and pray, or that one must cry, or get emotional at all.

Outward signs, initially, are not to be performed in front of a group of people, according to Jesus.

Jesus answered the lawyer by saying that he MUST love God with all his heart, and his neighbor as himself, and instead of asking, How do I do that?", the lawyer tried to outwit Jesus by asking him this inane question: "Who is my neighbor?" That would seem obvious, one would think.

But the lawyer tried to use a diversion tactic.

That may be common among lawyers, and most all of us who try to get out of sticky situations.

But Jesus cannot be diverted from the gospel message.

Tricky questions are not tricky to him.

Jesus said, in so many words, that if you want to inherit eternal life, then love the poor one.

The rich one. The one, who in reality, you may not know of their wealth, or lack of it.

Simply love with no thought of recompense.

He said to love the one who is very weak, even to the point of death.

He said to write no one off as being too far gone.

He said, in so many words, you will lose sleep in loving another.

He said to love the one who is perhaps in a demented state, and cannot explain how they ended up "the ditch" and in a physical state where they cannot care for themselves.

He said to love the one for whom you just may have to stay up all night to tend because they cannot do that for themselves.

He said to love the one who is totally needy.

He said to give to a stranger, who you may never even know of their name, and who will never, perhaps, know your name, or who may forget your name.

For whom have you tended as Jesus explains?

Does one ever cease to do that as they walk the narrow road before they see God?

Is there not always a hurting neighbor? Someone you don't know who needs a drink of water that might save them from death? Is there someone you are ignoring as you seek your entertainment?

Jesus is saying to you that unless you tend the least of these then you will not inherit eternal life.

Are you a "least of these" in your opinion?

If you can read, and understand, then you are not.

Don't be deceived.

God will not be mocked. You cannot outsmart him. He will not be, and cannot be, fooled.

He knows the thoughts and intentions of every heart.

You might fool a mere human, but you will stand before the Lord one day.

It will be soon.

Repent. Serve others, or live for yourself, and in so doing, you will not reap eternal life.

If someone were to ask you what must be done to be have eternal life, then what do you say?

Do you speak the words of Jesus?

Do you tell them they must love God with all their heart, and the neighbor as themselves?

Or do you speak platitudes, and made-up verbiage that Jesus never used?

Do you know the gospel message?

Do you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself?

If not, then you will not inherit eternal life, no matter where your name is on some church register.

If not, then you will not inherit eternal life, no matter that you said certain words in a prayer.

Love God with all your heart, and love the neighbor as yourself.

The next question you ought to ask of the Teacher is: "How?"

His answer? "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself," (Luke 10:27). And the way that occurs? "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matt. 4:17).

March 29, 2017

Forgiving a murderer, and setting him free


I would guess that everyone in the religious world thinks highly of him.

They would say that they abide by what is found in his letters.

Or at least many claim to try to do that.

Before his conversion, he aided and abetted in serious sin.


And not just one murder. He aided and abetted many murders. He was an assistant to mass murder.

To aid and abet is to participate in the commission of a crime by performing some overt act.

It is to give advice, or encouragement.

To know of someone, who is about to commit murder, or a crime, and then to not try to stop it is possibly to be an accessory to it.

In the state of California, if you should only draw a map to show the best way to rob a bank, then you stand to receive the same sentence as an actual perpetrator.

And theft is not, in our society, the same as murder.

Spiritually speaking, to give encouragement to someone to sin is to aid and abet them.

Sin is not funny in any way; it produces death in a soul.

It is not an activity to be taken lightly; it separates one from God; it puts one in chains.

Lying is sin.

If I were to tell you that you cannot help but do it, then I am lying to you.

If I were to tell you that everyone does it, then I am lying to you.

If I were to tell you that you will hate it, but still do it, then I'm a liar.

Those, who hate it, and still do it, still live under the law, and they have not the Spirit of God in them.

The spirit of God is a comforter to those who love God, and are truly saved.

Is it a comfort to hate something and still do it?

Is the power of God, that raised Jesus from death, in a person, unable to stop them from sin? What does I Corinthians 10:13 mean when it says that God will not allow a temptation to be too strong?

Is it comforting to you to believe that you will sin, and you cannot stop it?

Is there any comfort knowing that you will wake every day to tell a lie soothing on the inside of you?

God says that he will not allow temptations to not be too strong, and he says more.

He keeps the feet of his children from slipping (Psalm 121:3). That is comforting. That is a miracle.

It occurs in the repentant heart (the heart that agrees with God that hate is murder).

It is a lie to think that we get pure on our way to heaven (and only the pure in heart will see God).

The only thing we are told that we get "new" at death, and in heaven, is a body, not a soul, or spirit.

Read the Word, and quote it accurately, or you will be, and are, an accessory to a crime before God.

You will be guilty, and are guilty, of lying to do anything but speak nothing but the whole Truth.

People, who love people, speak truth to them. They want that none should perish. They have no favorites, for everyone is precious to them, and that is why they have that continual prayer going.

Multiplied millions need to be saved.

Many are lost in sin.

Sin always causes one to be lost.

The ones who sin are called sinners, and they need a Savior.

Whoever sins is perishing in it.

In studying Paul's conversion, it is extremely interesting that NO ONE led him in any type of prayer.

He did not say the words "forgive me of my sins," and he walked no aisle at church.

He wasn't in a church.

He was on his way to commit murder.

His conversion was dramatic.

Miracles are.

A soul changing from dark to light is breathtaking.

The Lord did something instantaneous to Paul.

He was set free from his sin of hate (murder); he never did it again.

The new birth was done to him, and in him.

Paul did nothing to get clean, thus he could never have done anything to stay clean.

While on his way to commit murder, he encountered God.

He bowed his head. He obeyed his voice. He was made new.

We don't do anything to get clean.

While still in sin, we repent of it. Then we are set free from sin, and sin no more.

We have the new nature.

If you still lie, then you have not the new nature.

Saul, before being changed to Paul, was consumed with murder.

Acts 9 tells us that the sin in him was something that was breathed out of him.

His life was one of sin. 

Sin comes OUT OF the one who does it.

What we consume as sustenance for our physicality is no consequence to our soul's salvation.

And sin does not dwell in one corner of a heart, or in a certain "room" in a heart as some will teach.

It is pervasive in whomever it dwells.

Do you think for one minute that Paul returned to his murderous actions after his conversion?

Do you?

After your conversion, do you still hate?

Or do you call your ignoring of people in need by another name?

Do you call your desire to be "worshiped" by your husband romantic?

Do you not see that a desire to be put on a pedestal is a desire to be "like" God?

And only God is the one we are commanded to love with all our hearts, and singularly worship.

And do you see that your desire to be adored is encouraging your husband to commit idolatry?

Do you call your sin by any other name?

Know this: It is sin to not love God with all the heart, and the neighbor as self.

And is sin evil, and deceptive, and deathly in everyone else, but not in YOU?

If so, then how does that work???

Do you think when Paul said that he had put NO stumbling block before the church (II Cor. 6:3) that he was talking about the fact that he had not tried to trip anyone physically, or actually done that?

Of course not.

A stumbling block is a serious issue with the Lord.

He says that it is better for a person to drown themselves than to be one.

Do you believe the words of Jesus, or do you give them a wink and a nod?

Have his words freed you?

Interestingly as well, concerning Paul, is that he did no jail-time for his aiding and abetting.

The Lord set him completely free.

Would you say that he deserved prison time?

Interestingly enough he did serve time, but for preaching the gospel, not for murder.

Would you ever face prison for speaking the truth of the gospel?

Do you speak it now?

What do you tell others concerning their sin?

What do you tell them of your sin?

Do lust, envy, and hate hide in your heart?

If so, then you are still in bondage to sin, and you will behave "kindly" and then pinch someone.

You will submit, for the moment, when you think hubby deserves your submission.

To make that determination is insurrection, and it is to be your own god and rule your own life.

To behave in an ungodly way is to say that God is not in control of your life.

He will be a soul's sovereign, or he will not be Lord at all to that soul.

A ruler rules, or there is mutiny, and it will he God's way occurring in your life, by the power that raised Jesus from the dead, or you will be trying to do, and be, good.

The power of God does NOT come and go in a person.

You do not, and cannot, conjure it up as does a witch with incantations.

It does not work that way.

You repent, and then are changed, and are given new life, or you have never repented.

If you have been forgiven, then Scripture says that your sins are removed from you as far as the east is from the west, and that you are cleansed from all unrighteousness.

East never meets west.

All means all.

Are you still a murderer, or are you free?

Are you thinking about who you may hate?

If you hate one person, you are a hater according to the Lord.

You cannot be "mean" to one person, and truly kind to the rest.


Study Scripture.

Do you love the Word?

If so, then you abide by what you find in the Word.

That is the ONLY proof that one truly loves God.

That is what the Word says.

Would you say that you do as God says most of the time?

If so, then you murder "sometimes" but not always?

Is that a comfort to your soul?

Is that freedom?

Is that what righteousness looks like to you?

Paul love others, all others, following his conversion.

You'll find that fact in the Word.

Don't just read the Word; you are commanded to study it.

What do you find?

Can a good tree really bear bad fruit?

You will soon die, and then you will stand before Jesus, and he will say to you that you were a "worker of iniquity" (you spent energy on sin), and to depart from him, or welcome home.

Which way do you live?

Loving or hating?

It will not be both.

The abundant life promised by the Lord is not one that in any way consists of outward stuff.

Life is the very breath of the soul set free from sin.

Again, I ask, "If you say that you have been set free, then from what are you free?"

March 23, 2017

A broken nail, a hairdo, a dog

I won't tell you "how to" live better for the Lord, or "how to" get closer to God; I don't know how to do those things.

As I understand the Word, one is either in the Vine, and is (present tense as in always) a new creature, and all things have become new for that repentant soul, or they will be trying to do the things of God.

They will be finding new "how to" ways of doing the things of God. 

They will always be seeking out the latest/greatest from Zondervan, or "Christian" publishing house.

They will boast of reading the latest best-selling author, and how much he/she has helped them

They will be longing to go to a conference, retreat, mom's day out, or Bible study, or you name it, all in an attempt to do things better, get their "high" for the moment, and live closer to God.

They will fail.

They will fail to know that God is not found in a day's quiet time, and applied as one would lipstick.

They will think eating clean makes them better.

They will get more upset over a broken nail than over any lost soul.

They will spend more money on a broken nail, a hairdo, a dog, and clean eating than any poor person.

They will fail to visit anyone in prison, and will not believe the words of Jesus concerning that visit.

They will not help the poor, nor long to do so as Paul says the redeemed will do.

They will fail because all of their efforts are as filthy rags.

Filthy rags have no useful purpose.

Efforts to live for God fail, as do any attempt at striving to be good, or trying to get closer to God.

One is either close to God, as in the palm of his hand, or they are not.

Would anyone, who is in the palm of God's hand, worry?

Would they not know of complete joy, comfort, and peace in the middle of whatever happens?

They do. The redeemed do know. They know God.

They take the words of Jesus, and delight in them.

They dwell in them, and nothing else.

They submit to husbands, authorities, and they are kind, patient, and full of good works.

They feed the poor, bear burdens, and they fulfill all the law.

Jesus said so.

Someone living as that is free.

That's what the Son does to the repentant heart. That's what he came here to do. His job is well done.

In the repentant heart, he will do as he says he will do.

He will set the prisoner free. Sin binds a soul. Always, no matter who does it, and how many times, and what sin was committed, and the Word says to fail at one part of the law, is to break all of it.

Are you free?

If not, then please do not buy another "how to" book, or for that matter don't buy anything thinking it will work toward you becoming righteous. It won't. Not ever, as in never.

Or waste your money, and go on striving to be good, and continue to sin and perish in it.

But I would beg you to do otherwise.

Seek God with your whole heart. Seek him as you would for hidden treasure. Read his Word.

March 20, 2017

Bound or free?

If one child bites another child, then is the one who bit a biter?

How many times does the child of someone else need to bite your child before you say that the one who bit your child is a biter?

If your friend's husband commits adultery, do you think that he is an adulterer, or do you wait to see if it happens again, and if it does, then does it take two times to make an adulterer?

It is odd that some will claim (or strive to claim) to be free of caffeine, sugar, and gluten, yet the God of this universe, who we will say is almighty to deliver, and who gave his Son, and left his very Spirit to live in us, to accomplish righteousness, cannot set us free from sin to sin no more.

It is odd that Christians, who say that they love God, will not always include the phrase "with all my heart" as God commands that we must love him.

It is odd that we will think that because we don't steal, yet may tell a fib or two occasionally, then we are better than someone who gets caught breaking and entering. They should go to jail! But our "stuff" that we do is not so bad.

James 2:10 tells us differently.

What, and who, do you believe?

Is it the narrative that runs through your head, or the words of Scripture?

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

What does it mean when he says that he came to set us free?

If you would claim to be free, then from what are you free?

If you submit to your husband this morning, but not tonight, then are you free from rebellion?

If that child, who bites, does not bite your child this morning, but bites later today, and then not again for a week, then is that child free from biting, or will you be outraged that it happens at all?

When would you say that the child is free from biting?

How bad is your sin?

Are you bound or are you free?

What person can do just one sin? What does Jesus say about all sin? What makes you different than the world? Do you hate sin? Do you know that if you do it, then Jesus says that you don't hate it?

If that biting child were to be fifteen, and still biting, but only occasionally, then would you say that the child is free from biting simply because he/she is biting less than they did as a toddler?

Is doing something less than before mean one is free from it?

That husband, who was unfaithful to your friend, who is in his thirties, may say that he only wanders once a year now, but it was twice a year when he was in his twenties, and he may think that he is greatly improved, but what would you say? What would his wife think? What if it was the wife who was unfaithful? And what would you say to her? Would you say, "Try to be/do better!"

And what if she came to you and said, "I'm being/doing better! I am unfaithful only once a month instead of once a week!"

Would you congratulate her?

It seems that sin just ain't so bad in the "Christian" community.

It is tolerated, laughed at, and accepted even, and the emphasis in the world is on food.

Is that your emphasis too? Are you a good/better person for not drinking soda pop? Or eating sugar?

The church, back in the day, had issues like that. You'll find that, over and over again, Jesus, as well as the apostle Paul, says that to think that eating differently makes one good, well, it does not.

You must be born again.

You can be set free from all unrighteousness, or you can continue in your sin and perish in it.

Are you free?

March 19, 2017

Concerning your efforts to live by faith

If you think that you can do anything to live by faith, then think again.

To not live by faith, at any moment, is it to live in disobedience.

To live in disobedience is to live in sin.

Living in sin does not produce faith; faith does not exist in that soul.

The Word says that the just (righteous) shall live by faith.

The Word does not say that the righteous shall live by faith, and then falter, fail (sin), and live by feelings sometimes, and then faith sometimes, and it will be a real struggle, and to get to the point where one lives by faith, well, one must try to get there, and one will be successful sometimes, and not sometimes (sin), but keep at it, and one day, it just may happen that you will live by faith, and faith alone, but hey, just keep in mind that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!

Many will quote Romans 8:1, but not all of it.

Many versions leave out what you will find in the King James Version.

But even leaving out the part found in the KJV, they still think that they can be IN the Lord, and sin.

Jesus says that is impossible.

Light and darkness do NOT dwell together in a soul.

A good tree produces only good fruit.

Jesus said so.

Study the words of Jesus. If you love him, then you will.

Do you really believe that someone born new will still have the old nature too?

Does the Lord really not cleanse one from all unrighteousness?

Do you really believe that a soul is purged little by little, and that one will still do a little adultery, and a few lies, and take God's name in vain occasionally, and will "occasionally" look different in your life, than in mine, and if not, then do we live that "occasionally" done sin as you do it?

If so, then you are the standard???

Do you believe that if I said that a dog shall bark, then there will be times that it shall quack?


A dog barks.

A duck quacks.

And the righteous live by faith.

If you want to live by feelings too, then justify it with passages from the Word.

Be ready, in season, and out of season, to defend the way that you live.

Be careful to adhere to all of the Word, and to include all the words of Jesus.

"Happy are those who hear the Word of God, and obey it," Jesus said.

Note that he did not say that it is possible to be happy (blessed) if one will obey it sometimes.

Study the Word, and you will find that it's always, or never with the Lord God almighty.


The fact is that many choose to walk as they wish, when they wish, and thus are not happy...always.

But alas, they will say, "Yes, I'm depressed, and I sometimes take God's name in vain, and I sometimes will tell a falsehood, and steal what is not mine, but I'm not under condemnation!"

Yes. They are. By your own words, you are condemned, or justified (Job 15:6, and Matthew 12:37).

Do you live according to your words, or all of the Word?

The words of Scripture are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that in believing (doing what he said to do) you may have life in his name (John 20:31).

It is NOT enough to only say that you believe in Jesus to then have eternal life.

Demons believe Jesus is the son of God (James 2:19).

Those who have saving faith also have works that flow from that true faith (James 2:18 & 26).

Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-17).

Hearing that, do you then get to work?


You get to work, not of your own effort, but because you have been given a new nature.

The new nature does not need to be told to get to work, the new nature in them compels them.

They cannot help but work (II Corinthians 5:14).

Check it out. The redeemed can do nothing but love! What does 'compel" mean?

If you must try to work, then you will think that your effort has saved you.

That type person will think, "I got to do something nice today. Ugh. I'll get to it. Get it done. Then I can do as I wish. Maybe find some entertainment. Maybe have hubby do something for me. Take me somewhere. But first I'll go visit old uncle Joe. Ugh. Maybe I'll go visit him tomorrow. I need a nap."

That type person still walks according to the flesh (Romans 8:1 KJV).

Those who are truly not condemned will always walk according to the Spirit.

They are ready in season, and out of season, and the love that they have flows.

Or, have another gospel, and walk as you wish sometimes, and throw your fits, and be hateful, and get depressed, and live as the world sometimes, and be sure to justify it somehow, because that is how the world lives, and the wide highway allows for wandering, but you will think you are not on that road because...why? Where is the proof of your salvation? Must you prove it?

What does Scripture say about that?

Do you know?

Are you on the narrow road? Is your life joyous? Is God's love flowing through you?

Are the burdens of this life light for you?

Is the yoke on your neck easy?

Please stop and think.

Please examine your heart.

Please don't be fooled, and deceived, and don't buy into thinking that sin is okay.

Please study to be approved by God.

That is what he commands.

Do you live effortlessly for God?

Or must you try?

Do you live by faith, or feelings?

It will be one or the other, not both.

March 18, 2017

A book review for a book I have not read

What falls from the sky, by Esther Emery, is published by Zondervan.

Side note first: not everything published by a "Christian" publishing house is godly.

Back to the book review for this book by Esther Emery.

In her trailer, for the book, found at her youtube channel, named Esther Emery, you will hear her say that you can bring yourself to a place of quiet.

Whatever her book does say, if it does not include facts found in Scripture, then it is bogus.

Remember, no matter what book you read, or what blog you read, or what motivational/inspirational speaker who you hear, that salvation is a gift from God, brought to you by a loving God, who woos you, and that any peace that you have (if not CONSTANT) is not from him, but from the world.

You must, in your sin, repent of it, and then you are born new, and given a new nature.

You do not accomplish any of the good in you.

To believe otherwise is heresy (not Biblical thought or belief), and to believe that you can do the acts that bring peace, and well-being, and goodness into your life is to make of yourself a god.

Satan wanted that.

Everyone, who has not repented, wants that.

Women, who want to be queens, and to be treated as such, have set themselves up as objects of worship, and God commands that no person have any other god before him.

"He alone is worthy" we hear the masses of women proclaim as they scheme in the recesses of their continually dark hearts to get their way in their world, their home, and in every way possible.

Every unrepentant soul wants what they want, when they want it, and you had best better comply, or else you will be on their hit-list even as they smile to your face, and will say you are their bestie.

You do need a best friend.

It will not be Esther Emery, and it won't be that friend, who you find really sweet, and that you seem to have so much in common, and who seems to be so much just like you.

When you repent, you will have a friend who is peace, and who, by his spirit, comes to live in you.

He will accomplish in you what no woman, no matter how alluring her words, and no man, no matter how much you want him to adore you, can do. He cleans the repentant and narcissistic heart.

Not watching the internet for a year will bring no one everlasting life.

Only drinking water will not save a soul.

Man will focus on the outward, but God....the heart.

He is after every last bit of it, and he will have you no other way.

He doesn't take a bit of it, and clean it, and then hang around as you meander on the wide road trying to decide when/if you will relinquish more of yourself to him. He is not that type. It's all or nothing.

So, be careful what you run after in this world.

Is it the latest from Zondervan?

They are trying to sell you something.

What God commands that we must do is cannot be attained with silver or gold.

It will, however, cost you your soul.

In saying, "I agree with you God that my hate is murder," you relinquish your life to him.

He takes it and gives you a new nature.

No amount of self deprivation will ever give you that.

It will only give you a self-righteousness that is as the worst filth, and stench one can imagine.

Do you really want peace that passes understanding?


Do you really want to have your prayers heard?


Do you really want to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too, and not just keep running after the latest, and greatest the world has to offer?


We don't, and can't, give up anything, and find our souls as Esther Emery seems to be saying.

We are commanded to repent, and in doing that, in agreeing with God, we find him.

We see our souls for what they are— sick, dark, and beyond our ability to fix.

God is the greatest treasure.

Are you seeking him, or the next and newest that the publishing world has to offer?

It's always something with them. You would think "it" has all been said already. It has.

They will continually package it with a new face.

One that looks calm, and seems to have it altogether, and who still wants to sell you something.

Don't fall for it. Don't be deceived. Don't be foolish and buy yet another self-help book.

Self-help is you "working" it.

God is waiting. He is looking for that contrite heart. He wants you to come home.

He wants to give you life that never ends.

Continually trying to be good, and better is an endless striving.

It is chasing the wind. It leaves one exhausted. It is not an easy yoke, but a heavy burden.

God wants to commune with you continually.

Don't buy another book to find him.

You will soon die.


March 17, 2017

Are you clean?

To get God's grace, no one must do anything.

While still in sin, and then to be made clean from sin, no one can make themselves clean.

As in, you cannot do anything to stay clean.

In your sin, you repent of it, and then you are made clean; you are washed, and made whole.

You are given the new nature.

It replaces the old one; the old one is gone as far as the east is from the west.

You do nothing to stay clean.

How would that work anyway?

If you say that you still sin, after repenting, and being made clean, then what you are saying is that you sin, and IN YOUR SIN you make yourself clean again.

What makes a stain in the first place is not used to clean a stain.

That is like saying that I am going to use red wine to remove a red wine stain.

It won't work.

Your "works" do not keep you clean either.

You don't do anything to hold onto grace.

Efforts (works), Scripture tells us, stink.

Works don't work!

A sinful soul cannot clean itself.

The sinful soul is MADE clean, and then STAYS clean by the power of God in the redeemed soul.

If your soul still sins, then how do you get clean?

Do you know the effect of one sin?

It keeps one from the presence of God.

If you still sin, then how is it that you pray without ceasing?

Evidently you don't.

Sin is not a once-and-done-with-it event. You do not stop hating people, and God, and then think that you can stay that way of your own effort. You either love without end, or you are hating on someone.

At all times, and any time, the redeemed can approach God with prayers.

Their life is prayer; it's what they love; they know God, and talk to him!

Can you? If you still sin? If you still sin, then do you always begin your prayers with repentance?

If so, do you see that to do that is like saying, "Again, God, I agree with you that hate is murder."

Would you think that God would reply, "Then why do you continue to do it?"

Do you know what you would need to say back to him?

Do you know that Scripture tells us exactly why sin is done?

And to say otherwise is to speak a lie?

Do you know why sin is done, according to the Word?

Jesus tells us the "why" of sin in John 3:19.

You might want to say that the temptation to sin is too strong, and you just can't help it.

That is a lie as well because of what we read in I Corinthians10:13.

Sin is not eating a cookie, or smoking, or having a glass of wine UNLESS you know that doing those things will cause a "brother" to stumble. The Lord keeps the feet of his children from stumbling (Psalm 121:3). The truly saved will not do those things in front of those who would stumble.

Scripture tells us that sin is not what we put IN us, but what comes OUT of us.

Those still in sin are very consumed with food, and clothes, and outward things.

Sin keeps us diverted from true life.

Sin is hate.

The constitutional make-up of all sin is hatred of God and others.

Sin is revealed in actions.

Sin is not hating on someone today, and then loving on them later, and back and forth one goes hating and loving, and hating and loving, and millions of so-called Christians exhibit that behavior, and will get medication to help control it, and try to eat differently to help it, and go shop to help it!

Anything but repent.

True righteousness in a life is constant.

Sin is pervasive. You cannot pick and choose the times that you will hate on someone.

If you still have hate, then you hate.

You will think that you have it "under control" perhaps; but you do not control sin.

If sin is still in you, then it will control you, and while you might be able to fake your way through encounters with people, and pretend to love, down under the facade, in your soul, either light is there or darkness is present, and you will do your best to avoid people, and you try to be good.

That is what Jesus taught.

He says that light and darkness do not dwell together in a soul.

And you can't do  anything on a daily basis to keep sin in check.

If sin is in you, it keeps you in bondage.

Sin, in a soul, has no ability to help you free yourself from it.

It controls you.

Someone will say or do something, like the hubby will not hold your hand when you think that he should, and he won't help you with hauling in the groceries, and your head will swim with anger, and your words will accuse him, and your actions will shut him out of a warm embrace, and then you will lose your "cool" and yet the Lord never says that we should try to keep our cool, but that those who are his simply, without any effort on their part, abide in the Vine, and they love, and then do it again.

What does a branch DO to stay on a tree?

The righteousness that a saved soul does is of God, not of any effort on their part.

And they are full of good works.

Yes, they are tempted to shun, and speak harshly with angry accusations, but they overcome.

The truly redeemed stay in the Vine not from anything that they DO.

So, do you still strive to be good, and try to love, and work hard to do as the Lord commands?

How is that an easy yoke, and a light burden?

And if so, that amounts to works, and works always take one, not to God, but to self-righteousness.

You will boast and say that you were "good" and did not yell at hubby, instead of boasting that God is good, and that he keeps you from slipping, and that his power saves you every moment from sin.

Repentance carries one to God. He makes one clean. What he makes clean, stays clean.

Would you be free from the burden of sin?

Would you be free from evil passions and satanic pride?

Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow???

The stain of sin blackens, and kills, and steals pure life from a soul, every time.

Is your soul clean, and then dark, and then clean, and then dark?

Scripture never paints that picture.

Hebrews 10:26 clearly paints a different picture.

If you continue to deliberately sin, then there remains no sacrifice for you.

In John 3:19 Jesus explains that we sin because we love to do it.

That's a hard pill.

That equates to sinning on purpose - it's deliberate.

Sin is done because of love for it.

Jesus says we love him, or we love sin.

Or will you say to the Lord on judgment day,

"I couldn't help but sin."

When we say that God is almighty, do we not mock him to say that we can't help but sin?

He says that he will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

You can say that you love him, and that you can still sin (which you say that you hate).

But if you say that, then you will be lying.


Jesus says differently.

You will love one, or the other, not both (Matthew 6:24).

Are you a faithful servant?

Does one lie a liar make?

Can one steal, no matter the cost of the item, and not be called a thief?

Is one act of adultery considered faithful?

We lie to ourselves to think that we can be unfaithful, and yet have been made clean.

Are you clean?

March 16, 2017

Are there levels of sin?

Those who do not believe the words of Jesus will not see heaven.

To not believe the words, all of them, and do them, is sin.

So right off the bat, we may think of those in cults (I won't name one here, but you must surely know of some, and if not, then google it) and people in cults do not believe in Jesus, at least not as you may know him, and thus they are lost, though they will tell you they are saved, but the sin of unbelief will take them to hell, and rightly so.

But what about your sin?

How is it different than the sin of those who do not do as Jesus says to do?

Are you living by his commands— all of them?

How is your sin different than the sins of those in a cult?

I find it fascinating that Christians, who say that they still sin, will seemingly make distinctions.

If you think that your sin will not keep you from God, then is it better somehow than other sin?

How many lies does it take for one to be a liar?

How many days of not submitting to your husband does it take for you to be an insurrectionist?

How many times can you hate on someone and it not be murder?

How many acts of adultery will you allow someone before you deem them an adulterer?

How often can you gossip, or covet, or be jealous before you consider them death to your soul?

We are commanded in Scripture to examine our hearts.

Who can know the filth of their own heart?

Apparently we can know of it, or we would not be asked to take a look.

I honestly don't think we can know the depth of the pain, and darkness of it, for that horrible rebellion killed the Lord, and God in his mercy does not allow us to experience that for Jesus did it for us.

But you can test your heart, and see if it is adding up to how Jesus said we must live if we are to see God. Only the pure in heart see him. Does that purity happen as we fly to heaven?

If so, where is that found in Scripture?

Do you live by faith, or feelings?

Take a look at your heart.

What do you find there?

March 15, 2017

Is sin evil?

Romans 8:13 explains that to fear the Lord is to hate evil.

We are also told in Romans 12:9 that love must be sincere, and (again) that we are to hate evil.

Of course, these words lead to questions.

HOW? How do I get to the point that I fear the Lord, and hate evil? Is there something I can DO???

If so, then is salvation, in any way, shape, or form, of works???

If one continues to sin, and if sin is evil, then when one sins do they not fear the Lord?

Apparently so according to Romans 8:13.

And if love must be sincere, then is there "something" that will look like love, but truly is not love?

YES! Because we see in I Corinthians 13 that love behaves IN ONE WAY exclusively, and always.

How do I get love like that???

Do not repay anyone evil for evil (Romans 12:17).

The husband doesn't "behave" as a husband "should," and then what do you do?

The only way the truly redeemed will respond to these commands is by doing what is commanded.

They do it always because they have a new nature, and the Spirit does it in them, not sometimes, but always, and according to I Cor. 10:13, they will be tempted to do otherwise, but they won't, and they don't brag, or boast of their effort, but of the power of the Lord whom they serve with gladness.

Others will not do as commanded, and therefore do not fear the Lord, and many will say that they are saved, and that they are Christians, and yet they repay sin, for sin, because they cannot but do that, because they have not repented, and do you now see the meaning of lip-service, and easy talk?

To say, "I love you," to someone, and then never lay down your life for them, is insincerity, and a lie.

To demand that others "be good" while you think highly of yourself is sin.

Do you truly believe in the Lord, and if so, then do you see that all sin is equally evil?

Or is the sin that you do different...somehow???

Are there levels of sin?

Or is disobedience, of all size and shape, evil?

If you do evil (sin) are you evil, or would you say that you are righteous in your evil ways?

How is a double-minded person portrayed in Scripture?


Are you unstable?

First happy, and then depressed? First praising God, and then worrying? First loving, and then not?

How is it that a person knows God?

Jesus said that we MUST be born-again. In being born of flesh and blood, did you DO anything?

Do you think that you can DO anything to be born-again?

Being born-again is something that happens TO you upon repentance.

You are GIVEN a new nature. The old is gone, Scripture says. Do you still have the old nature?

The old nature sins. The new nature does not. The new nature is the very goodness of God.

Which nature do you have?

If you say that you still sin, then where is that evil that is in you?

Jesus warns us.

You will soon die. Repent is his message. Is that your message?

Do your sins (worry, jealousy, and hate) keep you up at night?

Do you pray fervently for others who are in sin?

Are your prayers heard if you still sin???

Does an evil heart produce good fruit?

Will God hear the prayers of those who are evil, and therefore sinful?

Do you know that there is NO sin in the righteousness of God?

Do you know what Paul meant when he says that he is crucified with Christ?

What got killed???

What brings death?

Who brings life, and does he allow the old nature to reside alongside the new???

Have you examined your heart?

What do you find there?

March 14, 2017

Which way do you choose?

Would you believe someone like this:

Best-selling author, international Entrepreneur/ Life Coach, and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you live your full potential.

Shannon Kaiser promotes herself with those words. She has written a book, Find Your Happy - Daily Mantras- 365 days of motivation for a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

What could be wrong with that?

Jesus has one word for us. He commands one thing for total happiness, absolute peace, and life, abundant and free. He does not tell us to repeat words to get those things. No mantras needed, nor are they accepted. Life does not happen that way.

Yet supposed Christians buy this "theology" and balk at truth.


Jesus commands it.

Shannon Kaiser not only will never tell anyone to repent, she also encourages one to play with the world. That is the address of her website. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Play.  Just keep me laughing. Please just provide a distraction from my misery!

Take me to the zoo, the park, any outing, or on a vacation, big or small, and keep the rah-rah going, and buy me this, and I want that, and do stuff for me, and to me!

Please keep me doing anything just don't let me be still, for then I might know God.

Sin is fun. For a season. For a while. Until you forget your mantra for the day. Or the husband makes you mad. Or you just don't feel like cooking dinner, getting out of bed, being kind, or showering, or when you just don't think you look cute any more.

Living by feelings gets you nowhere but depressed. Then if you continue to live by your feelings, you will find another book that maybe gives you 10 steps to happiness instead of having to read 365 days of "how to" be happy. Ten is easier, right?

The easy, wide road, offered, and given by the world leads to hell. 

Don't play there.

Be still and know God (Psalm 46:10).

Don't be deceived. Don't fall for what looks like fun. Hype. It's all hype. And you will be asking to buy it in more than one way. The hucksters want your money.

Yes, they do.

If you choose to follow Jesus, know that he leads one to God. Jesus will tell you to love. Always love. Ask him, "How do I do that?" He will always say, "Repent."

He doesn't sell it. He commands it. We must do it to know God.

He will tell you many things that will appear to be impossible, but with God (not Jesus) all things are possible, and Jesus leads you to God through repentance.

Agree with Jesus. He says, "Repent."It was the first word out of his mouth as he began his ministry (Matthew 4:17) and he continued to preach it throughout his life.

Have you repented?

Have you agreed with him about the sin that you do?

When you agree with him that sin is death, and evil, and darkness, then he will give you his light, and you will be transformed, and you will not, as some say, work your way to perfection, because one cannot sin their way to God. 

The transformation is in an instant, and in an instant you are given eternal life.

It does not take 365 days of mantras.

One cannot be wicked and have eternal life.

Who will you choose to believe?

It will be obvious by how you live, what you say, and the peace that is beyond description that abides in your soul, and never leaves you depressed— ever.

Do you always love, or must you repeat a mantra first, and get hyped up first?

Does love, like a river, flow from God to you, and through you, always?

You will continue in sin, or you will repent.

You will hate, or you will love.

Your life is on the narrow road, or the wide highway of try this, and try that.

On that road you are always looking for love in all the wrong places.

Repent, or remain in your sin, and perish in it. 

Be set free, or remain in bondage.

Read and believe the Word, or read and believe lies by a huckster.













The wicked and the righteous

Proverbs 15:29, "The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous."

Who would the Lord declare are "wicked" people?

Webster's defines "wicked" as evil, or morally bad in principle, or practice.

Do you practice righteousness?

Are you the righteousness of God?

If so, what does that look like, act like, and think like?

What did Jesus say was the same as hate?

Murder, right?

I think everyone would agree that murder is evil, yet some would justify it.

And many would justify hate, and many more than that, I believe, would justify anger.

Scripture says that in our anger we are not to sin (Ephesians 4:26, and see also Matthew 5:22).

There is righteous anger.

What gets your blood boiling?

Is it injustices toward you, or others?

Do you want to just kill someone sometimes?

Do you wish to never see someone?

That is an anger that is not righteous, and is an anger that is motivated by hate, and hate is murder.

Wicked people murder others literally, and in their minds.

And many, if they could literally get away with murder, would do so.

If that describes you, then wicked also fits.

Hate, and its equivalent, murder, is the sin that puts one in the category of an evil one.

Hard to believe isn't it?

The deception that abounds in the church today is that many think that they are saved yet they harbor hate, or murder in their hearts. They are led to believe that God hears them when they pray. He does not hear the prayers of the wicked, but many believe that they are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and all the while they wish someone dead, and would do the shoving over the cliff if only....

If only they would not get caught.

They are trapped (caught) already in sin.

They are not told to repent by the preacher; he likes their money.

They do not know what it means to repent; the preacher has never done it, and knows not of it.

They are told to turn from sin (not the same as repentance), yet they continue in sin, thinking that just because they have not literally pushed anyone over the cliff, then they are fine.

They are not.

Jesus dealt deeper than physical pushing.

He deals with the heart, and the heart of the issue are thoughts.

He said to "think" murder is to do it.

Do you think about doing the pushing over the cliff?


Then righteousness will be given to you. Love like a river will flow from you. You will be saved.

Or continue in your sin, and perish in it.

Life is short.

Choose this day to repent, and the rest of your days will be free of trying to live for God.

The yoke is easy and the burden is light for those who are in the Vine.

God's holy spirit does the righteous living for, and through his children.

Are you righteous?

Those in Christ are not good and bad (Matthew 7:17).

They walk only on the narrow road with no "tripping" into sin (Psalm 121:3).

If you are righteous, then you hate no one.

You are jealous of no one.

Inside the heart of the righteous, there is no hate (murder), or manipulation (similar to witchcraft).

You malign no one.

You simply love.

Do you love God with all your heart?

Or do you seek after this world's goodies, and are never satisfied, always wanting more things?

Do you seek after righteousness?

Is righteousness an activity accomplished by the saved?

Or is it only a term (word) that is applied to a person?

How is it defined in a life, and does it have a certain "look" to it?

Where is your heart, and what is in it?

Do you love your husband, and submit to him always?

Do you love your neighbor as yourself sometimes, or always?

Do you believe that righteousness is a part-time activity in the saved?

If yes, then how "part-time" can one be and still have their prayers heard by God?

In other words, how wicked can one be and still have an audience with God?

March 13, 2017

Saved ... from what?

If you would say that you are saved, then from what are you saved?

A bad attitude?

If so, do you always have a good attitude?

If not, then when you have your bad attitude, then are you lost again?

If not, then why would you say that you are saved from a bad attitude if you can have one?

Would you say that you are now positive?

Do you know that Jesus never talked about having a positive attitude, nor did he say not to be negative, whatever that means? Do you think that when he drove the money-changers out of the temple, that some of those people thought that Jesus was being negative?

We hear the words "positive" and "negative" frequently in the world today, don't we?

Do you think that unsaved people can be positive, and if so, then how can that be if one needs to be saved from being negative?

Have you examined your heart recently to see if you are in the faith, or do you just try to be positive?

Do you think it is wrong to question your faith?

Have you ever heard someone say that only the devil would have you question your faith?

Did you know that the apostle Paul commands us to check to see if we are in the faith?

Do you know where that is found in Scripture?

Or do you not want to know?

Do you not want to do the test required to see if you are in the faith?

What does a heart look like that is in the faith?

What does that person do?

Who do they love?

How often do they love?

Do you know?

How would you tell someone to be saved, and when they thought that they were saved, then would you tell them to check and make sure, and would you know what to tell them that they should find?

The answers are found in the one true book.

The answers are found in God.

Are you asking questions of the one called Teacher?

What is he teaching you?

What are you asking?

Do you ever wonder how it is that someone can say that they are saved from the miry clay of sin, and then say that they STILL sin, and hate their brother, and never help anyone in the ditch, and they can love money more than people, and live to please themselves, and STILL say that they are saved?

How about you?

Do you love God with all your heart?

Do you think that your "sin" is little?

Do you think that one lie makes one a liar, and that one can really tell only one lie?

It's time to search the Word, and examine your heart, and repent of your sin.

You will soon die, for Jesus said so.

Do you really believe his words....all of them?

What does your heart tell you?

March 12, 2017

The faithful wounding

Proverbs 27:6 speaks of what true friendship truly is between people.

If you are looking for accolades, praises, and kudos, (not reproof), then the world can give you that.

They will give you that; but then watch your back.

Rarely will you find someone who will give correction.

Many prefer that they look good, and the rest of us look bad.

The gal with spinach in her teeth will make others look better.

The women who go off on tangents, and who spend money and time unwisely, and who are silly, and not submissive to their husbands, and the ones who think that God is preoccupied with body size, and thus they are consumed with it trying first this diet, and then the next, and the ones who think that God wants them to be in perfect health, and have wealth, will not desire to hear anything different.

But the woman, who loves God, is a faithful friend, and will speak truth to darkness.

How will they know?

Who will speak the truth that sets souls free?

Truth sets free.

Do you speak it?

Those, who know it, speak it.

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend," Proverbs 27:6.

Have you "wounded" anyone lately?

Faithful friends do just that.


Because they truly love that "neighbor" and desire that none perish in sin.

The truly redeemed are true friends.

Do you speak honestly with your friends?

If you do, then most likely you will not have many true friends.

Jesus spoke only truth, and at the end of his life, most of his "friends" abandoned him.

The world is full of "friends" who will not only not die for you, they will not tell you that the sin that you do will take you to hell, which God says sinners deserve, and upon whom the wrath of God rests.

John 3:36 tells us that those who believe the commands of Jesus are free from that wrath.

Why? Because they DO the works of Jesus. They love, and are always obedient.

The Spirit lives in them to accomplish God's will (Romans 8:10).

Rejection of the Son is always disobedience. To disobey, and thus to sin, one turns away from God.

The disobedient do not have eternal life. Eternal life, for the repentant, starts here on earth. That life does not start, and stop, but is everlasting. They are not abiding in the Vine. 

Sin is always darkness. It always separates. Anyone, who still sins, is separated from God and those individuals, many in this world who consider themselves saved, do not have eternal life.

You must repent (agree with God about it) of your sin, to sin no more, or you are a "worker of iniquity," and to those Jesus will say, "Depart from me," even though you will say that you prayed, did ministry, and mission, work, and you might even have cast out demons (Matthew 7:21-23).

That proves nothing to him.

Obedience is key.

Those, who love God, obey him, and what does obedience look like not once in a while, but always?

Do you know?

Do say that you love God?

What, according to I John 4:20, I John 5:3, and John 15:14 is proof according to the Lord?

March 1, 2017

Bringing ease to his life

The woman was made for the man.

I Corinthians 11:9.

Genesis 2:18.

Genesis 2:22.

Not my words.

Well, they are.

His words, mine.

The Word, of the Lord, is the Lord.

When a branch abides in the Vine, the branch speaks the words of the Vine.

And lives the words of the Vine daily walking as he commands.

The commands of the Lord are not burdensome (I John 5:3), they are life.

In all actuality, and reality, the branch lives the life proclaimed in the Word.

The woman brings ease to the man, her husband.

She helps him.

She gets up and serves him. She spends energy on him. She supports him.

She doesn't boss him, nag him, rag on him, denigrate him, or hate on him in any way.

She loves him.

In loving him, as God would have her to do, she eases his way in this world.

Always, and in all ways.

She goes behind him cleaning up his messes.

She goes before him preparing a meal, getting ready what he needs, and soothing his heart.

She isn't needy.

Hallelujah, she is attached to the Vine who supplies her every need.

She does not suppose her husband is ever mean to her on purpose, nor suspect evil is his intention toward her, for she is not God, and leaves her man's heart with God; she holds no grudges.

She does not point out his sin to him; she holds him up to her Lord who she knows is able to do with him as he chooses, and she waits on her Sovereign as she waits on her man, endlessly loving, giving.

The strength of the Lord is hers as over, and over again, and day after day, she serves her man.

Joy is hers.

Never is the work God puts before her a drudgery. Her eyes see. Her hands do.

Bringing ease to her man's life brings contentment to all the moments of her life.

Oh the wonder of it all.

Oh the absolute opposite of what the world encourages her to do.

Because the sovereign Lord is her help, she will not disgrace her man. Her face is set like a flint, and for her tireless following of the decrees of her Lord, she will not be put to shame (Isaiah 50:7).

Do you love your husband?

I pray that if you do not, then your heart will change.

If your heart is as a stone to him, then repent of the coldness, and let God fill you with warmth.

Then you will be as God commands, and as is his design— a helper to your husband.

When you bring ease to your man, then you walk in obedience, and your love for God is true.