February 1, 2017

You're not perfect?

Supposed Christians will say, "I'm not perfect," or "Nobody's perfect," or in some way transmit the message that they are lacking in their lives, so don't expect too much, and don't expect it all the time.

How can that be so?

Do they get to pick and choose when to be perfect? Like when the weather suits them, and when they haven't got a headache, and when they aren't hungry, and when they've had a good rest?

For the one who is the righteousness of Christ, how are they not perfect?

For the one made new, how are they not always loving God with all of their heart?

How do they not love their neighbor as they love themselves?

What is it that is really being said?

If you claim not to be perfect, then are you saying that there are still imperfections?

If so, then what does God call those imperfections?

What do you call them?

Is it sin?

If you would call it sin, then what sin is it?

Why, if you are new, do you still do it?

Do you know why it is that Jesus says sin is committed?

Do you care, or do you still want to do those sins, and do you still want to give excuses?

Excuses like, "I'm not perfect!"

How is that sentiment any comfort to those who are bound in sexual sin, drunkenness, covetousness, jealousies, fits of rage, gossip, homosexuality, and all manner of evil, not to mention hate, or murder?

How would you tell them to be free?

"Work at it!"

Is that what you would say, and is that what you think when it comes to the freedom Jesus offers?

How is that easy?

How is that not "of works" of which one could boast if they "work at it" and are then free?

Does God give the saved soul the resources to set themselves free from sin?

If so, then what are those resources?

All that I know is that the redeemed are free, and they are new, and they have the Holy Spirit in them.

And that light and dark do not dwell together.

And that the reason sin is committed is because of a love for it.

And Jesus said all those things, and those who believe in him, believe what he said.

In other words, they DO what he said.

The first thing he said to do was to repent.

Nothing is new until one repents.

Then what happens?

They are perfect. They have (as a gift) the righteousness of Christ in them. They love.

They do not go around becoming perfect, by striving, and finding the ability to love simply by saying over and over again, "I am the righteousness of God." They repeat no mantras. They are free.

Are you free?

Are you perfect?

Are you really the righteousness of God?

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