February 10, 2017

You can't make me happy.

You can't.

Sorry, but if you think you need to try, don't.

You are off the hook forever.

You see, I am already happy.


I find it interesting that, with the new nature, since no one makes me unhappy because my delight is not in any mere human, then it stands to reason than no mere human can make me happy.

Believe me, I think my husband has tried to do that ... in the past.

But not any more. He is off the hook too. I don't want anything for Valentine's Day.

Nor do I want anything for any other day.

My cup runs over already.

If I'm given a gift, then that is kind, but it adds nothing to my over-flowing cup.

In fact, many times, gifts that I'm given (unless it's food...hahaha!) I give to someone else.

I have no need.

It is a wonderful thing to not be dependent on anyone for happiness.

If you are needy, then know this: No one will be able to make you happy.

You will say that you need one thing, and then it will be another, and the exhausting dance will continue until you repent, and find yourself with a new nature, that is full of love that you give.

And the giving never ends.

A river of love flows from the redeemed.

Never will their hands be held out asking for love.

They've been washed in grace, filled with love, and they are on the narrow road.

Do you, in any way, shape, or form, believe that your happiness depends on another?

Are you always happy, or sometimes angry, bitter, and grudge-holding?

When you repent of your hate, then you are new.

The old ways of needing people to dance, to your always changing tune, ceases.

Are you new?

Telling my husband, after he asks, "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" that I want for nothing, and that I am so happy just as I am, and just with him, is freeing not only to him, but for me.

Yes. The Lord sets free the woman who repents, once and for all time.

She lives as the woman we see in Proverbs 31.

Always doing. Always wise. Never in need.

That's the sound of freedom.

Do you know of it?

Do you sing of it?

Do you proclaim its message?

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