February 18, 2017

Why the need for Jesus?

I am concerned.

There is deception.

Jesus said that there would be those who will be deceived.

In what way is one deceived?

Where is the concern?

I can think of no other concern than that people THINK that they are saved, yet are not.

What else is there?

Once someone truly has the new nature, then they are not deceived ever again.

They are new.

They have the mind of Christ.

They are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

But those who think that they are all that, but are not all that, well, that means they are deceived.

How is it that those, who are deceived, can walk around blind, and yet think that they see?

How is it that they can think that they are free, and yet are still in bondage?

How is it that they can think that they love, and yet they still hate?

And therein lies the answer.

Galatians 6:7-8 tells us that we are deceived if we think that we can sow any type of sin, and yet still reap eternal life. Read it. See what you find there.

It sounds like a person either sows to the flesh, which does not mean that a person eats, and drinks, for Jesus did that, but to sow to the flesh is to sin, for sin is selfishness, and hate, and not love, and to sow to the Spirit is to always love others, all others, and while one does not dance to the tune of others, and do as all others want them to do, the one who loves is willing to die for anyone at any time, and proves it by giving of their time to help the widow, and the orphan, and those in need.

So the question remains: Can a soul, who has the new nature, still sow to the flesh?

Don't be deceived.

Galatians 6:7-8 tells us we work for self, or God, and we reap accordingly.

Or does a wise farmer go to the field of thorns, and play in it, and then go back to the field ready for harvest and get to work, exclusively working for the Lord?

Is it possible to be wise and foolish?

Do both of those attributes dwell in a soul?

Proverbs gives clear distinctions between the two.

Does Jesus ever teach that a soul walks both the wide road, and the narrow road?

Does your pastor teach that? If so, does he?  Is he foolish, and then wise, and if so, then when he is foolish, then what do you suppose that he is doing? Running with prostitutes? Gambling? Stealing?


What does he do? And what do you do?  And why not repent?

And are some sins big, and others small, and some are easy to stop, and others are not?

And more than any other question, answer for me this one:

Why the need for Jesus?

You see, if people were having sins atoned for before Jesus, and there was no concern about going to heaven because the day of atonement occurred, and no one had to sweat much for the sacrifice to be made, then why the need for the sweat, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus?


Can you honestly answer that?

Was there anything different about his sacrifice?

Besides being the final one, is there any difference in the sacrifice of Jesus, and what happened prior?

It is time to know.

And one more question: Why the command to repent?

Was that a command before Jesus?

These are issues that one must come to terms with in order to present the gospel clearly to those who are perishing. What is it to perish? Who is perishing? Those who still sin? Do you still sin?

Those who sin will perish in them Scripture tells us.

Are you perishing in your sin, or do you have eternal life?

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