February 3, 2017

Who is blind?

"But anyone who hates.....is still living and walking in darkness. Such a person does not know the way to go, having been blinded by the darkness," I John 2:11.

Notice the word "still" in that passage.

What is being said is that there will be many who think that they are saved, but because they still sin, then they are still in darkness even though they think that they are in the light.

To sin is to be in darkness.

Sin, in anyone who does it, is death.

Darkness is sin is death.

All sin is boiled down to hate.

To covet is to hate another who has what you want, and you'd take what they have if possible.

To lie is to hate because you are not being truthful to others, and you deceive them.

To commit adultery is to hate, not only the spouse of the one with whom you have relations, but you hate the one with whom you have relations because what is being brings destruction to that person.

To steal is to hate because you take what belongs to another, and in taking what is theirs, you prove you care not for them.

When Jesus says that all the law (the ten commandments) are boiled down to two, and it all boils down to love, he is saying to not love God, and neighbor is to hate them with the acts that you do.

So the blind are those who sin, and all those who sin, hate.

All sin is boiled down to hate.

Does your pastor still sin?

Would he say that all people, including himself, sin no matter that they say that they are Christians?

If so, then he is blind, and he is the "blind leading the blind" to whom Jesus refers in Matthew 15:14.

If he would say that he still sins, then what if his sin is stealing, or lying, or adultery?

Does it really matter if all sin is boiled down to hate?

If he still sins, then his sin is hate.

So is yours.

To be free from sin, then one must repent of it.

Agree with God that the sin that you do is hate.

Then what happens?

What is the gospel message?

From what is a soul saved?

From what is a soul freed?

What is given at true salvation?

It is everlasting life, and life and death do not dwell together, and sin is death, and death is sin.

Sin and everlasting life are opposites.

Which one dwells in you?

Sin or everlasting life?

Being in Christ Jesus, are you the righteousness of God, or do you still sin?

What does I John 2:11 tell us about those who still sin?

What about your pastor?

Does he still sin?

Many blind are leading many blind to hell.

Jesus said so.

Do you believe his words?

Are you blind?

Or have you seen the light?

Is there really no more darkness, no more night in your life?

To see the Light one must not be in darkness ever again.

To see the Light, repent, as he commands.

Matthew 4:17, "From that time on, Jesus began to preach, repent...."

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