February 2, 2017

What's your message?

What do you proclaim?

Does your message sound like one who is crying in the wilderness?

Or is your message similar to what the world preaches?

Is it one of light verses darkness, or do you talk of positive energy, and negative energy?

Do you promote yoga, and positive thinking, and meditation, or are you different?

Are you salt? Do you shed light on darkness? What is darkness to you?

In this world, is are there only two forces at work, evil and righteousness?

Are there gray areas where Christians can dabble a bit, just here and there?

Do you try to stay positive, or have you been crucified with Christ?

Is your money viewed as something you deserve, and you'll spend it as you want?

Or is all that you have a gift, and none of it belongs to you, and do you do the bidding of God with it?

What does God bid? What does he want? How does a Christian live?

Is it according to the latest out of Zondervan Press, or is it from every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord, and do you prefer to live by platitudes, or truth, and do you walk the wide road, or the narrow road, and what would you tell someone the narrow road consists of on a daily basis?

What is the truth of the gospel?

Are you just too busy to be salt, and light, and do you find it easier not to bring the Sword to a conversation? Those who know God, speak wisdom. He gives it to them, not sparingly either.

The message of the redeemed is one that does not change, nor blow this way, and then that way according to the ever changing "wisdom" of the world, who will mix a bit of truth with a lie making the whole thing corrupt, but it will tickle the ears, and it will sell.


Because it will give the buyer what they want to hear.

It gives a way out of following the truth.

The world will give you excuses to behave differently than what God commands.

The message of the gospel is one that divides the sheep from the goats.

In Matthew 10, we see that Jesus did not come to bring peace but a sword.

What does that mean?

And he goes on to say that the redeemed will have enemies that are in their own home.

What about that?

What does a sword do?

The Word, a sword, cuts through the evil ways in a person's heart, and exposes it.

Has that happened to you? Has the Word shown you your evil? If so, do you agree that it is evil?

When you agree that the sin that you do is indeed sin, then you will indeed be free from it.


That is my message, and I proclaim it every chance I'm given.

It is not a "fun" message because it implies someone is sinning.

The odd thing about that is that every Christian I know will tell me that they still sin, but for goodness sake, please don't imply that they sin! It is as if they want to hide the sin but still say that every Christian sins. If that is the case, then they sin! So, agree that it is sin. Or keep it, and perish in it.

That is the message Jesus proclaimed.

Sin separates you from God every time. You cannot sin and know God. When you repent, he purifies your heart, as a gift of grace to you, and you, because of his strength in you, are never the same again.


If you still lust, and covet, and tell lies, then you are not new.

He makes a person new.

Are you new?

What message do you proclaim that is one that speaks of good news?

Is it good news that I will still fight sin like was done before Jesus?

Why the need for what Jesus did if people went to heaven anyway before all that he endured?

What is the good news?

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