February 22, 2017

Upon conversion, the excuses stop

Imagine being arrested for a crime, and let's say that the crime is shoplifting.

Now as the handcuffs are being applied, imagine saying to the officer, "Why are you arresting me? You don't understand. My husband doesn't care much for me, and he doesn't love God, and never goes to church, and besides that, my parents argued all the time when I was little."

One excuse is as good as another one when you don't want to cooperate with an authority- right?

The point being that many Christians claim that their disobedience is due to a number of factors.

The factor is never a disobedient heart. 

But they run the gamut from not having good examples set for them as children, to ignorance.

What excuses do you use for disobedience?

Scripture gives only one reason.

Hatred of God.

And the opposite is true.

Those, who truly love God, obey him.

I John 5:3, "Those who love God, keep his commands."

Now imagine the officer, who arrested you for shoplifting, telling you that you will never steal again.

And the reason is that his superior will give you a new heart, and will give you his power to obey.

What an offer!

The ones who will refuse to accept the offer are the ones who don't see shoplifting as all that bad.

They don't see stealing as hatred for the shop owner.

And they don't see it is as bad as murder, for instance, and in fact, while being apprehended for their crime, they are thinking, and may even say, "Leave me alone! I'm no criminal! Go catch a murderer!"

Is your "crime" against God as bad as murder?

Upon true conversion (yes, there is a such a thing as false salvation), a soul is completely different.

They are new.

They have the spirit of God in them to do as commanded.

They don't hate ever again.

They are filled with love.

They don't give excuses for the sin that they do, for they sin not, because as we see in I Corinthians 10:13, that while they are tempted, the temptation is not too strong because God doesn't allow it.

They don't need excuses to sin, for they love God, and those who love God, obey him.

No matter that mama was mean, and daddy was abusive, and the husband is not godly, and your uncle molested you, and you were never disciplined, and everyone in your family were alcoholics.


Because God makes brand new the repentant, and contrite heart of the woman who seeks after him.

For what do you seek?


Or do you seek God?

You remain in your sin until you repent of it, and those who remain in sin are perishing in it.

Be born new.

Repent of your hatred of God, and your neighbor, and be born new.

Love will flood your heart.

No more excuses, and no need for them after true conversion.

The yoke of the Lord is easy, and the burden, to totally love him, and all others, is a light one to carry.


Because love from God flows to, and through, the redeemed endlessly like a river (Romans 5:5).

The redeemed jump to his commands, not to the demands of others, but to his Word.

They delight in him. He is a light to their daily walk. He keeps them from stumbling.

They are not ignorant of the law, which is love, for it is written on their heart by God.

What is your excuse for not obeying God?

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