February 23, 2017

The wise woman is free

Notice in Scripture that the wise woman needs nothing extraneous to make her feel good.

No new body wash, scented candle, new shoes, clothes, or gifts from hubby can make her happy.

(She already is.)

And it's not that she doesn't have all of that, and more, or maybe not much at all materially speaking.

But her family sees this woman, and they say something about her.

They see all that she does, and they say that she is happy.

They don't say that mama is frustrated, over-whelmed, exhausted, moody, or depressed.

She is happy. And she is doing, always seeming to be doing something. And yet she is happy!!!

In Proverbs 31, we don't see her telling anyone that she is happy.

Words are cheap.

Happiness is observable.

She is active, and her husband is known, and she is not jealous (Proverbs 31:23).

She is gloriously free from jealousy.

She is stretching out her hand to the poor, fixing breakfast, and grocery shopping, and he is known!

She seems to not care one whit about notoriety.

She is dignified, and sober, yet laughs— she's happy!

And her husband is the one who is mentioned among the people of the city.

She makes, and buys, and sells, and walks with confidence, and he is the topic of conversation.

She teaches, and reaches, she rises, and works, and never does she do anything to harm her man.

Jealousy is harmful.

She's not idle.

She is happy. Blessed. She has no need to convince anyone of her blessed state.

She's no time for that.

Happiness, like misery, is observable.

The wise woman is free.

Freedom has a look about it.

Wisdom is a blessed state.

Do you live in that state?

The life of the woman, who abides in the Vine, is a life of freedom from foolishness.

Foolishness does not touch the redeemed woman.

It is completely excluded from her life.

To tell falsehoods, to be lazy, and envious, and hateful, and full of strife is anathema to her.

She is not cursed, and cannot be cursed, and lives completely free.

It is for freedom that Christ sets a soul free (Galatians 5:1).

Ask yourself this: "Free from what?"

Being poor? Tell that to the one set free in a third world country.

Being sick? Tell that to the redeemed parent of a child dying of cancer.

A soul can be physically healthy, and have riches beyond measure, and hate God, and the neighbor.

Many fit that particular scenario.

The soul is what is bound in sin, and it is the soul that the Lord sets free. 

Are you free from sin? Free from the curse of sin?  Free from hate?

From what are you free if indeed you know God?

Does sin hound, and overcome you?

If so, then would you call that freedom, and the "free indeed" that Christ gives? 

Can a foolish person decide, arbitrarily, to be wise, and then suddenly be foolish again?

Is that a double-minded person?

What does James 1:8 tell us about that type person?

Do you believe it?

To believe in the Lord is to believe all that the Word tells us is true, and then to obey it.

That is accomplished by being born new, which is discovered upon repentance.

Is your hate really murder?

And your lying....is it hate?

And are your manipulative ways really witchcraft?

And is all of that really hatred of others, and God?

Where does wisdom dwell?

It is hidden from the foolish, and they will never know it.

Wisdom is the fear of the Lord (Job 28:28).

When a soul fears the Lord, then they fear nothing else ever again.

In knowing God, the restless soul is calmed, and the foolish woman is made new.

When a woman knows God, then she is free, and wise, and happy all the day long.

Her prayers are heard. Oh glorious day. To commune with God and know that one is heard.

Free to talk to God— always.

That is the blessed woman.

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