February 19, 2017

The old nature vs the new nature

What does the old nature do?

What does it look like?

How does it think?

The old nature will be concerned with outward appearances, and it will think that how one dresses determines the inward condition.

It will think that one bathing suit is better than another one, and that to wear one type means one thing, and to wear another type means something better, or worse, but clothes are all important, and the soul with the old nature is put off by certain people wearing certain type clothing.

The old nature concerns itself with food, and what should be eaten, and what shouldn't be eaten, and will think that some foods lend themselves to being good, and better, and maybe even the best.

The same will apply to drink. It will always be a matter of drinking more water, less water, more juice, a certain type of juice, and no soda, and some soda, and no alcohol, and some alcohol.

The old nature will try to do better, and be better, and for sure it is always trying.

The old nature will always fail.

It cannot be good, better, or best.

Living with the old nature leaves one "feeling" defeated, and depressed, and fearful, and down in the dumps, for one can always think that they can "do" better when they still have the old nature, as if being good has anything at all to do with effort.

The old nature is sinful, and thus it will worry, and not submit, and not love, though it tries- hard.

The old nature will give itself brownie points for trying, and and "A" for effort sometimes, and will work harder to be more disciplined, and better at love, and submission, always trying, and always failing at perfection, which it will say is not possible simply because it has not achieved perfection.

The soul with the old nature is the standard unto itself.

If it cannot be perfect, then no one can, for no one tries harder to do that than someone with the old nature, and they see themselves as a cut above most all they see, except for maybe someone who also goes to church, and knows Greek, and is skinny, and has a nice husband, and a pretty house.

And what, if anything, has the old nature in common with the new nature?


Those in the old nature cannot see the new nature, for they are still in sin, and they won't let go easily.

It is hard to admit that one hates when one tries so hard to love.

It is hard to admit that one is into stuff when one tries so hard to be benevolent.

It is hard to admit that one is sinful when one is deceived into thinking that their sin isn't that bad.

If you still sin, then what is your sin?

Can you name it, or does your old nature cover up your sin by pointing out the "worse" sin in others?

Eve did that.

Adam did that.

Do you do that?

If so, then you are still in sin, and you still have the old nature.

You will hate this message, and you will wish me to stop.

Should I be persecuted, then you will say that is for the best, but God says that those who are persecuted, for the sake of righteousness, are blessed.

Those with the new nature are blessed, happy, no matter what.

Persecuted? Happy. Aches and pains? Happy. Lacking in this world's stuff? Happy.

Having nothing? Happy. Having abundance? Happy. Eating? Happy. Not eating? Happy.

You see, happiness is not dependent on anything this world offers, and the one with the new nature knows it, for she knows God, and she longs for heaven, and she simply, always serves, and no one is exempt from that service, and love, and the new nature is God's spirit, alive and well, in her, always.

How are you doing?

What are you doing?

Still striving?

Still concerned about food, and drink, and clothing, and stuff?

Still worried about ... everything? Still thinking that goodness comes from what you put into you?

Still thinking that perfection comes from a great body, and good clothes, and a great house?

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The new nature will be given to you. The new nature will not be concerned with how much you weigh, and how much you exercise a week, or what you eat, and drink. The new nature will fill you with love, and give you a new, permanent, song, and it will sound exactly, and always, like freedom.

Freedom to love the unlovely, and the lovely. Freedom to eat, and drink, or not. Freedom to live.

Freedom from sin, to sin no more.

No more bondage.

That soul, the one with the new nature? Sings. The heart is always singing.

How about you?

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