February 14, 2017

Keeping up appearances

The soul who really has no love for others will do what they do to be seen.

They get their reward, and they have their full reward, here on earth (Matthew 6:2).

Nothing is in heaven for them; they won't be there anyway.

Do you give to your church, and is someone keeping a record of it?

Yes, I know, for tax purposes, right?

But what did Jesus say?

In essence.....do not do it (Matthew 6:1).

Who do you follow?

Whose advice sounds better to you than the commands of Jesus?

You will be the servant of only one, not two (Matthew 6:24).

The ones who like to be seen by others for the good that they do, and the "righteousness" they have are like the two "men of God" who passed by on the other side of the road from the needy man.

The "men of God" didn't want to get dirty, and besides, they had important places to go.

They kept up their appearances with important people; what did the needy man have to offer them?


That is key.

The Samaritan gave to someone who would not, could not, repay him, in fact, as far as we know from the story, the needy man never even knew the Samaritan's name (Luke 10:25-37).

When you give, if you are thinking about what you will get in return, then you have your reward.

You will have nothing in heaven waiting for you.

God will be there, but you are not longing to see him now, and you won't see him later, not if your heart is not pure (Matthew 5:8).

Is your heart pure?

Or do you do just enough to keep up appearances to make others think that you are good?

Do you do just enough to pacify the "authorities" at your church?

Do you "sacrifice" your time just enough so that you friends know that you've done your part?

Is it important to you that others think that you are saved, and holy, and good?

If you are saved, then from what are you saved?

Pride? Lust? Greed? Hate? Deceit?


Are you free from anything?

If you do sin, do you know why it is that you do it?

Do you try hard to not let your real self be seen?

Keeping up appearances is exhausting work.

Those who are truly saved don't work at looking good.

They are good.

They are the very righteousness of God (II Corinthians 5:21).

His goodness is in them through Christ Jesus.

Do you have the righteousness of God in you?

If so, does the righteous nature of God, who lives in you, sin?

Of course not.

Neither do two natures dwell in a soul (II Corinthians 6:16).

One temple dwells in a soul.

You will be bowing to God or self.

God or evil.

Love or hate.

"Touch nothing unclean, and I will receive you (II Corinthians 6:17).

Repent, for you will soon be gone from this earth (Matthew 4:17).

God makes a soul perfect, and keeps that soul perfect (Psalm 121:3).

You will not find the redeemed soul bragging about being good.

They do not, will not, cannot work to keep up appearances.

They have been crucified with Christ; they no longer live (Galatians 2:20).

Have you been crucified with Christ, and is the life that you live now accomplished by God's power?

Or are you exhausted because of keeping up appearances?

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