February 17, 2017

"I have changed"

Celebrities, who are in the public eye (are some not?), who behave in bizarre ways, and who then say that they have changed, will then be scrutinized to see how their behavior changes.

What would you be looking for in someone who says that their behavior has changed?

If, according to you, they spent money foolishly, then would you watch how they spend money now?

If they partied wildly every night, and then you see them partying wildly every other night, then would you consider that "change" or wonder what other behavior is different besides the partying?

Maybe three nights a week, not seven, is what they would claim is different about what they do.

What makes a person different?

Eating cake once a month, and not every week?

Drinking only water?

The word different means not alike in character or quality.

Isn't that something?

We use words carelessly, it seems, according to Webster, for to only eat cake once a month, and not every week is still the same quality and character. It is sweet food, and it is consumed.

We like to THINK we are different in our behavior because we do something less than we did it in the past, and yet we lie to ourselves, or we deceive ourselves into thinking we are better for doing something less. Is a murderer better because he/she murders only 8 and not 8 million? Is an adulterer better because they steal only one person's spouse as opposed to the spouses of many?

What about the sinner, who according to Jesus was not loving God with all their heart, nor their neighbors, who claims to be different? For if one says that they have been saved, then they are saved from something. What is it? Less lying? Less greed? Less adultery? Less pride? Less jealousy?

The only behavior that will change in a new creation is the loving of God and the neighbor— totally.

Do you know why that is the case?

Sin, all sin, boiled down, is hate.

It is not smoking, drinking beer, or wine, and it is not dancing.

It is not staying up late, or reading a "worldly" magazine, or wearing eye shadow, and mascara.

It is not laughing at jokes that are perhaps a bit ribald, or eating meat every meal, or not eating meat.

It is not anything that you put in you, but sin does come out of you.

It is seen in your deeds, or lack of them, and heard in your words.

To sin is to not love God with all your heart, and to not love your neighbor as yourself.

Your words, and actions will be different upon conversion.

What else is conversion (from sinful creature to righteous creature) if not a total change?

What else is a new nature if you are not completely different upon being born-again?

To say that one is a Christian has a meaning that might need to be redefined.

One who follows Christ does as he says, and not by striving to do so, else it is of WORKS that you are saved, and thus a redeemed soul can not help but do the righteous acts of God— loving deeds.

He commands repentance, and one must do that in order to do as he commands.

One must be born new, not of any effort on the part of the one who is born new.

But many, many, many so-called Christians do not do as Jesus commands.

They still sin. They have not agreed with Jesus that hate is murder, and that to think about a person with the intent to sleep with them is adultery. They do not see that their longing to have what belongs to another is to covet, and to wish that someone would die is hate, and is the same as murder.

The hater has murder on the mind, and in the heart.

And if that murder could happen, it would.

Do you want what someone else has?

If so, down deep, where you maybe won't admit it, you hate them.

You are not happy for them, nor do you pray for them, and wish them well.

If you do not submit to your husband, then you hate the God who commands that you submit.

He is not fair in your eyes.

When you love God with all your heart (and that is a gift given to you because we do not "work" ourselves into loving God), then you do as he says to do, and not by your own power, but by his.

Do you strive (try) to do good?

That is works.

You will strive until you repent, and then you will be born new, not of works, but as a gift.

You will be different, and you will not need to tell anyone, for they will know it.

They will know because you will give to them, and love on them, and while you will not dance to their commands, you will have a body that stays on the altar, for your desires will have become the desires of God, and that is to love others, and submit to your husband, and heaven is your vision.

Have you changed?

If so, then do you hate only a few people now, whereas before being made new you hated a lot more?

Is that how it works according to Jesus?

Did he say that he would make you new a little bit at a time, and a little bit of hate is okay?

Does the branch bear bad fruit, and good fruit, and is there any effort involved in producing fruit?

It is time to know. You will soon be gone from the face of this earth. You will face Jesus soon.

What will he say to you?

Will he say that you have been a worker of only a "little" bit of iniquity?

Does he make any differentiation about sin in Matthew 7:23?

When he speaks to you will he say, "You only hated your husband, but you had a good reason! Enter now into rest!" Will he say, "You only hated that neighbor who was such a heathen, but good job on those prayers every morning, or at least some mornings!" Will he say, "You were not kind to those who were a bit slow, but you did fast, on occasion, and you gave money to missions, so come on in!"

What will he say?

He will separate the sheep from the goats. Goats say "but I was good" and "but I tried!" and what does the Lord say? Workers of iniquity (those who spend energy on sin) will depart from him.

If you say that you do not spend any energy on sin, then you are perfect, and the only way for that to have happened is that you repented, and God made you perfect with the righteousness of himself.

You will love everyone.

You will be very different....always. There will be no excuses. There will be no striving.

Is that the change of which you know?

Have you changed?

From darkness to light, and from hate to love, and from fear to trust, and from angst to complete forgiveness to everyone, and from rebellion to submission, and from pride to humility?

Not sometimes, but always, and not because you try, but because the Spirit lives in you and does it?

Is that you?

Or do you say, "I'm working on it," and do you see that if you succeed, then it will need to be permanent, and always, and then you can do the boasting?

Your conversion will be all of God, or not at all.

Are you different?

Have you changed?

If so, how?


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