February 7, 2017

Does that sound like freedom to you?

Many, who profess to be Christians, will say that they are free to sin.

How does that comport with the words of Jesus?

He said that he sets people free, and not only free, but free indeed.

Everyone can sin before they even know the name of Jesus.

Everyone knows of that freedom.

Everyone has the "I do what I want" nature before being given, as a gift, the new nature.

Everyone knows jealousy, envy, strife, hate, sexual promiscuity, and the whole gamut of sin.

Everyone knows sin intimately, as in it is their nature, before being made new.

And Romans 8:2 tells us that those who have been born new are free from sin and death.

Sin and death go hand-in-hand always.

Think carefully about the prepositions used in Scripture.

You will find that we are free from sin to love.

Those who have been set free from bondage will not go back into it, spiritually speaking.

I know that there are people today who choose to do wrong in order to go back to jail.

A roof over the head and food in the belly are a big draw to the hungry, and lazy.

The prodigal son represents everyone who leaves the Father at the point of accountability.

Babies, and young children, who cannot make a decision to repent, for they do not understand the concept, are the Father's children, and will go to heaven when they die.

Older children, who leave the Father, and choose to go their own way, will not go to heaven unless they come to their senses, and go to the Father.

Notice that the prodigal son, who is called "the younger son" in Scripture, while still in the world, did not come to his senses by remembering great parties, fat calves, robes, and rings, and then decide to go to the Father, but he thought of the servants of the Father, and that caused him to turn.

He said to the Father, "I have sinned."

Then the party started.

Have you really accepted the fact that your little bit of jealousy, lust, and bitterness is sin?

Is the angst you harbor in your heart really hate?

Is it really murder? (Like Jesus says that it is? Do you really agree with him?)

Are you really calling it as the Father calls it?

When the prodigal made it back to the Father, then the party started. Then the son knew the Father.

Do you honestly believe that upon knowing the Creator intimately, then you would choose to sin?

After knowing great peace that cannot be explained by human tongue, then would you hate again?

If you say that you would, then you have not known my Father.

The world, where people try to be good, represents the law of sin.

It is a picture of people striving to be kind, and failing, for to truly love as God commands, then the love must never end, and the kindness is for everyone, not a few select best girlfriends, and buddies.

Why does that law, of trying, bring death?

It fails.

Failure is death. One cannot love imperfectly and see God. Not seeing God means that one perishes.

However, there is good news.

It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He died for you. His spirit lives in the repentant to do what could not be done prior to new life.

No longer is there a "trying" when one knows the Father through repentance.

Does "trying" sound like freedom to you?

I tried all day long to be good, and love as I knew I should, before I repented, and I failed miserably.

The law of sin and death says to be good, but does not provide a way to do it.

The redeemed are not free to choose hate.

They've done that. They've been there too. Hate is not in the new nature that is given.

The sound of freedom is no more hate ever again.

No more fits of rage. No more angst. No more slamming doors. No more rants. No more fighting.


It is a gift, in the form of a new nature, given by the Father to the repentant.

If you say that you are have been redeemed, then from what has the Son set you free?

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