February 22, 2017

Do you contend?

Contend- to strive in debate, to struggle in opposition, to dispute earnestly

In Jude 1:3, we see these words, 

"Dear friends, 
although I was eager to write to you about the salvation we share, 
I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith..."

Instead of saying, "Isn't it great we are saved!" Jude says that Christians, those who are truly saved, and those to whom salvation has been entrusted, are to do something about it to those who are not.


Strive and debate it.

With those who oppose the truth of salvation, struggle to defend it, and call out those who are false.

Do what you can to present truth.

If one truly has light within them, they will.

Those who read Jude's letter, who were truly saved, took his words to heart, and did as instructed.

That happens today as well.

The truth, when it sets a soul free, does not then sink into a vast hole, never to be acknowledged.

Light, when it fills a soul, fills the mouth of that person too.

The woman, who knows God, does not then act like a man.

She is more woman than ever before knowing God.

She reads the Word, and the parts of it that are exclusively for women, she embraces, and teaches.

She loves it.

She loves God.

She obeys him.

She does not take his name in vain. She tells no more lies. She forgives all, holding no grudge.

She submits with pleasure. She prays without ceasing. She loves her neighbor.

Do you contend for the truth of the Word that is exclusively for women?

Are you exposing the women "teachers" of the Word who are false, and who are not obedient to it?

Beth Moore, and Joyce Meyer, and Christine Caine to name a few.

Why is it that many women see no problem with women being pastors of churches, and teachers of men? Because in the last days many will be lead astray following their own lusts, and desires.

These things ought not to be for they are prohibited in Scripture, yet many blatantly ignore the truth of the Word because these women are so charismatic, and they have good causes, and seem so sincere, and many millions listen to them, and they are well spoken, and are pretty, and they sell a lot of books, and Hillsong endorses them, and for the masses, all of that, trumps the truth of the Word.

And if you dare to speak truth to this abomination, then you will be labeled a heretic.

And for what?

For speaking the truth of the Word.

You will be shunned for it, and persecuted for it, and your "friends" will no longer be your friends should they not agree with you. Isn't that an odd phenomenon? People who, at one point in their lives would have had "fellowship" with you will begin to act like you have the plague because of truth.

With no explanation, you will not be invited to where you once had been wanted.

The same thing happened with Jesus.

And he was killed for the truth he preached.

What is happening in your life?

Because of what you teach other women, and for the truth you proclaim, and for the contending that you do, what persecution have you faced? None? Do you contend? If so, with what passion do you speak truth? Is in on occasion with only like minded people? Do you find that easy?

The narrow road is walked by people with not many friends.

It is walked with joy, however, because of what lies within, and for what lies ahead.

Those who know God have a vision that runs deep and keeps their feet on solid ground.

For what do you contend?

Food? Leisure? Vacations? Entertainment? A better this, and more of that?

Or is your message one of repentance, obedience, and faith alone, or do you live according to your feelings, and are they often hurt, and do you hold grudges for slights real, and/or imagined?

One cannot contend with any conviction as long as two opposing stances lie within them.

The wide highway is walked with a bit of truth, and many lies.

It is easy on that road when it comes to friends, and tending to self, and forgetting the neighbor.

On a daily basis, and with constant prayer, do you contend for the faith?

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