February 4, 2017

A true friend


When I think of how Scripture defines a true friend, I don't envision a bobble-head.

(Read Proverbs 19:20, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 27:5-6.)

A bobble-head is a "yes" person.

We may think that a "yes" person would make an awesome husband, or friend.

Imagine someone who only says, "Yes," to every desire.

But bobble-heads never challenge anyone's thoughts or actions.

They don't bring a sword to the discussion.

They do a  person no good.

Many preachers are like that.

They bring no word of correction for fear of losing the membership, and money.

They are easy.

They live lives of only smiles, and only say, "Sure, do that. That's great! Terrific!"

They preach positive thinking and speaking, and sadly, that doesn't include the word "repent."

And what someone might be about to do just might be catastrophic, but the bobble-head will give a thumbs-up, and say, "Think positive!" as over the cliff they go because of poor decisions.

The bobble-head will not be at the bottom of the cliff, however, waiting to tend anyone.

They will be shaking their heads then, and saying sweet platitudes like, "My goodness, that is too bad. I hope you get better soon," as they turn away, go shopping, have lunch, and watch TV.

Are you a true friend?

Are you a wise mother?

In Proverbs 31, we see the wise mother saying to her son, "What are you doing?"

In essence, the wise mother will challenge her children, and say, "Think about your actions."

Do you bring the Sword to conversations with your friends, and children?

Are you shining the Word on the thoughts, and actions of others?

Jesus, the best friend anyone can have, came into this world with a mission.

It was not to bring peace, but a sword, and no doubt, he brought it every time (Matthew 10:34).

And why not?

Truth sets free.

To those who have ears to hear, freedom sounds wonderful.

Love for others means that one longs for all others to be free.

That requires repentance from sin.

When was the last time someone, a good friend, asked you about your sins?

When was the last time that your ways, and words were challenged?

Has your pastor encouraged you to repent of the hate that you have?

Do the ones with whom you socialize just sympathize, and agree with all that you do?

Do you appreciate being challenged?

Do you challenge your friends?

Love for others will produce in you a message of freedom.

It sounds exactly like the word "repent" for that is the only way anyone is free from bondage.

Or stay in the pigsty, and be a bobble-head, for as the world says, "Misery loves company."

Or repent of your sins, and be free, and live the life of a true friend.

Bring the truth. If you have it in you, then you will.

No one, who is free, and who has the truth in them, lives under a basket.

Their light shines.

Are you a true friend?

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  1. Amen. I have, and people have walked away. That's okay. God will open doors to true friends.